Mandatory Upgrade
Charge When Ship Functionality

This is a MANDATORY upgrade of AMan Pro for ALL users and should be installed IMMEDIATELY on ALL PCs running AMan Pro.

Failure to upgrade will cause AMan Pro to stop operating.

In the very near future Amazon will be making important changes to some data feeds. In order for AMan Pro to continue to access these data feeds you will need to be running on the latest version of AMan Pro as per below. The version you are running on may be verified using Help->Help Menu->About AMan Pro. The required version is 3.3.672 or later.

See below for information on the new Charge When Ship functionality. Please note that installing this update does NOT require you to enroll in Charge When Ship. This update merely provides the extra functionality to use when/if you are enrolled in Charge When Ship.

The latest version of AMan Pro is available at (1.1MB in size) . If you are having issues (primarily firewall issues) please try using (44.4MB in size). The latest version may also be downloaded from our support page at .

Please download and install after closing down AMan (and Outlook if you use it). Installation will not affect your data or settings. Upon restart, you may get a message that AMan Pro is migrating your database. This is normal and must be allowed to complete.

If you get a message stating that the downloaded file "is not a valid Win32 application" or "Unable to locate CAB file", this indicates that the download was interrupted and should be retried. Please download again and save to disk. Then check the file sizes which should be 1.1MB if using setup.exe and 44.4MB if using setupfull.exe. After the setup file has been downloaded, run and installed, you should see that the version of AMan Pro is 3.3.672. Any earlier version will need to be upgraded IMMEDIATELY. You may check the version you are currently running by clicking on Help->Help Menu->About AMan Pro.

This is a MANDATORY upgrade of AMan Pro for all users and should be installed IMMEDIATELY on all PCs running AMan Pro even if you do not list on those PCs,

Charge When Functionality:

This new version of AMan Pro also includes Charge When Ship functionality that will allow you to confirm the shipment of orders to Amazon in bulk. Please note that installation of this update does NOT require you to enroll in Charge When Ship. The upgrade merely adds the Charge When Ship functionality which may be used when/if you are enrolled in Charge When Ship. However, this update MUST be installed on ALL PCs regardless of your Charge When Ship enrollment status.

Full details on the use of this new functionality is available in the  Charge When Ship Quick Start which should be reviewed prior to use (click here to display). Our announcement of the Charge When Ship functionality is available at SpaceWare announces Amazon Charge When Ship functionality for AMan Pro

Please note that your Amazon seller account will need to have been signed up for or have been converted to Charge to Ship before the full functionality is available.


Note: As per the Amazon Charge When Ship FAQ , payment for confirmed orders may take several hours.


Tips for Existing AMan Pro Users:

  • When you first enroll in Charge When Ship, only orders purchased after you enrolled will appear as requiring confirmation - previously imported order do not need to be confirmed (however they may be confirmed if you wish).
  • Prior to using the Charge When Ship functions, please review the Charge When Ship Quick Start
  • Except for sending shipment emails (which Amazon does not allow if you are enrolled in Charge When Ship), process your orders as you normally do.
  • Upon first enrolling in Charge When Ship, generate and import an Unconfirmed Orders Report using Charge When Ship->Generate Unconfirmed Orders Report to allow AMan to sync up with Amazon and any orders requiring shipment confirmation.
  • If you currently send shipment emails from the 2BShipped display, replace that process with Upload Selected Order Confirmations accessible via the Charge When Ship menu. Basically the confirmation upload replaces the process of sending shipment emails and can be done from the 2BShipped display.
  • If you currently only create packing slips and do not send shipment emails, use the Display 2BUploaded (Packed) display to show orders requiring confirmation and upload from that display.
  • If you currently use AMan 1-Click, configure 1-Click to upload order confirmations using Configure->Order Fulfillment Settings->Processing Options (this will turn off the option to send shipment emails).

Documentation for Charge When Ship:

Amazon information about Charge When Ship: