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Charge When Ship (CWS)

SpaceWare, Inc. is pleased to announce that their latest version of AMan Pro now includes Charge When Ship functionality. This is a free upgrade to all users of AMan Pro.

As no doubt you are aware, Amazon has announced the Charge When Ship process that will require sellers to confirm shipment of orders via their Amazon seller accounts or via uploads prior to being paid by Amazon. This will become mandatory for all sellers in the summer of 2009..

The major highlights for the new functionality are:

  • Upload order confirmations in bulk. Some or all orders may be selected and uploaded for confirmation with one button. In less time taken to confirm one order through your Amazon seller account, AMan Pro will upload confirmations for a days worth of orders.
  • The confirmation data will include shipper and service information for each order. Additionally the service can be automatically set to the ship method selected by the buyer (e.g. Standard. International etc.). US users that use Endicia DAZzle will have the shipping class and tracking numbers automatically added to the confirmation data.
  • Multiple display and order selection options are available to display and confirm only those orders that have been fully completed in the fulfillment process. The definition of "complete" is as configured by the user.

Other features of the CWS functionality include:

  • Upload results are easily viewed to ensure that all confirmations are accepted by Amazon (and to ensure that the seller will get paid!).
  • New and existing users of AMan Pro may generate and import data from Amazon to reconcile what orders require confirmation.
  • Detailed logging of the order confirmation process is retained for 3 months. This may then be used later in the event there is a dispute with Amazon as to which orders were confirmed.
  • Verification of data prior to the upload of the confirmations is done to ensure that multiple uploads are not performed (which would cause multiple emails being sent by Amazon to the buyer). Verification that an order is complete as defined by the user is also done. Verification also ensures that confirmations are not rejected by Amazon because of invalid data.
  • Complete documentation on the new functionality (including a Quick Start Guide and a detailed description of the process) is available.

Documentation for Charge When Ship:

Amazon information about Charge When Ship:

Download a Free, fully functioning 21 day trial NOW!