AMan Pro Update History

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Version 3.3.1913 - April 8th, 2022

  • Will be mandatory in a few weeks.
  • Implements Export Seller Engine Listings File. This is available via Import/Export and also at Import/Export Menu->Export->Export Fixed Format. This will allow you to export your listings data (such as MinPrice, MaxPrice, Cost, Tag, Location) and can be used to quickly import that data into SellerEngine. If moving to SellerEngine, the SellerEngine team will probably ask for this.
  • AMan will run without subscriptions on July 1st, 2022 in preparation for the shutdown of AMan.

Version 3.3.1906 - October 20th, 2021

  • Mandatory build due to web hosting changes.

Version 3.3.1904 - August 31st, 2021

  • Changed First Class - Letter to First Class Mail Envelopes to conform to Amazon naming standards.

Version 3.3.1903 - August 8th, 2021

  • Removed AMan browser from main page of AMan. This is not needed and will be fully removed in the future. Signing onto Amazon via this page is NOT required to run AMan.
  • Fixed some memory issues to get rid of database issues in certain circumstances. This is a strongly recommended update.

Version 3.3.1897 - May 11th, 2021

  • Fixed issue where address standardization/verification would fail due to USPS changes and orders would be red in 2BPacked.

Version 3.3.1896 - April 21st, 2021

  • Changed USPS tools (shipping rates, tracking, address verification) requests to use SSL/TLS as required by USPS. This will be a required update to use these tools. All US users that utilize these tools should upgrade ASAP.

Version 3.3.1894 - March 1st, 2021

  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.3.1893 - September 28th, 2020

  • AMan is now signed with renewed software signing certificate.

Version 3.3.1892 - August 30th, 2020

  • Workaround for PayPal bug that would have prevented AMan from recognizing subscriptions.

Version 3.3.1890 - May 30th, 2020

  • Fixed issue where AMan could have issues if the SSL certificate was incorrect.

Version 3.3.1883 - April 21st, 2020

  • Fixed issue where the first startup of AMan would issue an incorrect message.

Version 3.3.1882 - April 19th, 2020

  • Added some new display in Queries.
  • A new field in order IsBusinessOrder is set if the order is a business order.
  • Added support for new DAZzle postage log.
  • Worked around DAZzle issue by not clearing addresses in AMan when DAZzle returns blank addresses.
  • Changed AMan UI to support Windows 10 Snap.

Version 3.3.1867 - September 24th, 2019

  • Fixed issue which would cause AMan to fail on its first run after an install.

Version 3.3.1865 - August 20th, 2019

  • This is a MANDATORY upgrade.
  • Fixed performance and stability issues identified in the previous build.

Version 3.3.1858 - August 6th, 2019

  • This is a MANDATORY upgrade.
  • Implemented Amazon Data Protection Policy by:
    1. Requiring a login each time AMan is started.
    2. Encrypting AMan database.
    3. Deleting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from orders after 30 days.
  • Changed Scales detection to skip over any hardware returning a bad response.

Version 3.3.1798 - February 25th, 2019

  • Fixed issue where unexpected data from USPS standard address caused importing of orders to fail.

Version 3.3.1796 - February 5th, 2019

  • This is a MANDATORY upgrade.
  • Amazon is requiring a new way of configuring MWS. When you first start up this version, you will be prompted to configure MWS using what is called the MWS Auth Token. The dialog that is displayed will provide directions for the process.
  • Export to Excel now allows saving and loading named selections.

Version 3.3.1775 - November 25th, 2018

  • Implemented UTF-8 decoding for order reports.
  • Performance improvement for Add New Inventory Wizard.
  • Additional method of configuring MWS which allows users without credentials to use their MWS Auth Token.

Version 3.3.1765 - October 25th, 2018

  • Fix issue where MWS could not be configured.
  • Work around Amazon issue causing Error 400 when getting listing/pricing data.

Version 3.3.1749 - September 8th, 2018

  • Supports Tax Codes when importing or uploading inventory.
    - Must be enrolled in Amazon Tax Service to fully implement.
    - List an Item, Add New Inventory Wizard and Merge Inventory Data Wizard all support tax codes.
  • New SAFE upload - Upload Comments Only for uploading changed comments.
  • Display All Feeds tool.
  • Display Endicia DAZzle Status tool to display the Endicia DAZzle status page on their website.

Version 3.3.1741 - August 7th, 2018

  • Supports new type of PayPal subscriptions.
  • Fixed issues with List an Item and existing listings.

Version 3.3.1737 - 9th July, 2018

  • This will be a mandatory upgrade by the end of August due to changes at PayPal occurring in September.
  • Date range displays changed to have more options.
  • Two new displays in Queries->Queries Menu->Orders: Display Daily Sales and Display Monthly Sales which will display summaries for the time periods.
  • New Display Orders by State in a Period in Queries->Queries Menu->Orders.
  • Users will be alerted if orders being confirmed have no tracking number. Can be turned on/off using Configure->Amazon Settings->Upload Options->Warn if uploading orders with no tracking. On by default for US, Off by default for UK.
  • Compact/Repair on exit now starts before AMan completely shuts down.
  • Default Handling Times may be set in Configure->Amazon Settings->Listing Options for List an Item and Add New Inventory Wizard. This applies to new listings. 0 (default) means use Seller Central default.
    Pending Uploads has a new grid menu to change the handling time in bulk.
    Add New Inventory and Merge Inventory Data Wizards accept HandlingTime as a column in the input file.
    Handling Time is NOT automatically copied to other copies of AMan as it is not contained in the Open Listings Report.
  • Fixed issue with International Postal Rates display where the Commercial price was not displayed.
  • Fixed issue with International Postal Rates display where Priority Flat Rate envelope (and others) were not shown.
  • Fixed issue with Display Inventory Feed Errors to display only one line per SKU.
  • Fixed issue with exporting Inventory feed Errors to Excel.

Version 3.3.1720 - 13th September, 2017

  • Changed MWS configuration to work with new Amazon MWS page.

Version 3.3.1709 - 2nd June, 2017

  • Added ability to configure automatic repricing to limit process between certain times on specified days.
    Message displayed on starting automatic repricing will display those times for the days if configured.
  • Take automatic weekly backup when idle.
  • Seller comments are no longer uploaded for NEW items (still uploaded for Used etc. items) which gets rid of warnings in upload status.
  • When using Shipping Templates, the old Expedited, International etc. settings are no longer sent to Amazon.
  • Adjust MinPrice, MaxPrice and Cost available from Active Listings display.
  • Fixed issue with scheduling times for order fulfillment reports.
  • Three new bulk editing tools (accessible via Tools->Tools Menu->Database Tasks) which are primarily used to get rid of entries that you no longer want to appear in dropdowns:
    • Edit Tags
    • Edit Locations
    • Edit Inactive Shipping Templates (in case an invalid shipping template was typed in).
  • Change Tags, Locations and Shipping Templates now displays a pull-down list of the values already known to AMan.
  • New function 'Maintain Maps' in Tools->Tools Menu->Database Tasks to allow deletions of Maps (used with Add New Inventory Wizard, Merge Inventory Data Wizard etc.).
  • AMan now requires Internet explorer 10 or later (regardless of browser normally used)  This should not affect most (if any) users.

Version 3.3.1697 - 22nd February, 2017

  • This is a mandatory update. See Important AMan Pro Upgrade for more details.
  • Added support for Amazon Shipping Templates.
  • Added support for BMVD shipping rates (US).
  • Fixed issue where Order Confirmation Status dialog would error out.
  • Added ability to change Minimum, Maximum and Cost prices by an amount or percent in bulk.

Version 3.3.1674 - 11th November, 2016

  • Get Tracking Info function changed to conform to USPS changes in January 2017.
  • If errors are detected after the upload for List an Item, the items with the errors and the error reason will be displayed automatically.
  • If errors are detected in order confirmation uploads, the errors will be displayed automatically.
  • When starting automatic repricing, the number of Price Watch constrained item from last session will be displayed (and offer a manual Price Active if a configured threshold is reached).
  • When stopping automatic repricing, the number of Price Watch constrained item from last session will be displayed.
  • During automatic repricing, the number of Price Watch constrained items is displayed after each repricing.
  • ‘Email Support’ now displays Contact page rather than using default client – this may be changed in Configure->General Settings->Display Options.
  • Fixed issue with MWS signup where Amazon had changed some fields. This would cause List an Item to be unable to get prices.

Version 3.3.1645 - 12th June, 2016

  • Fixed various issues with the new List an Item process.

Version 3.3.1629 - 10th June, 2016

  • AMan no longer logs onto Amazon to use List an Item.

Version 3.3.1615 - 25th May, 2016

  • Fixed issue where AMan was logging onto Amazon too often.
  • Fixed issue, due to PayPal issues, where AMan thinks a valid subscription had expired.

Version 3.3.1609- 18th May, 2016

  • Fix issue where AMan cannot logon to Amazon dues to changes by Amazon to the logon process.

Version 3.3.1600- 28th April, 2016

  • Fix for PayPal issue which causes very slow startup of AMan.

Version 3.3.1593- 14th April, 2016

  • Work around PayPal issue which causes very slow startup of AMan.

Version 3.3.1590 - 29th March, 2016

  • Fixed issue when using List on Amazon or Modify on Amazon the error message The URL does not use a recognized protocol' would be displayed.

Version 3.3.1588 - 23rd March, 2016

  • Fixed issue with pricing rules where the price adjustment is a very low percentage.
  • Implemented workaround due to PayPal issues causing subscriptions not being recognized.

Version 3.3.1581 - 26th February, 2016

  • Fixed issue where Amazon changed listing process causing Modify on Amazon to fail.

Version 3.3.1572 - 11th January, 2016

  • UK order reports now processes European date and currency formats.

Version 3.3.1571 - 4th January, 2016

  • Fixed issue with List an Item ignoring Expedited due to Amazon changes to listing process.
  • Flat displays may now be filtered.
  • AMan using MWS time to obtain internet time.
  • US Only: Updates for USPS January 17th price changes including allowing First Class up to 15.9 ounces.
  • US Only: USPS Tracking will be automatically requested for all postage which has free tracking.

Version 3.3.1545 - 3rd September, 2015

  • Fixed issue Search on Amazon for List an Item page for UK sellers.

Version 3.3.1544 - 31st August, 2015

  • Fixed issue with not being able to logon when using the new Amazon Seller Central page.
  • Fixed some left over bugs with the new listing pages at Amazon.

Version 3.3.1541 - 31st August, 2015

  • Fixed issue where blank currency fields were preventing AMan from importing orders.
  • Fixed issue where release date on Open Listings report were interpreted as media type.

Version 3.3.1540 - 30th August, 2015

  • List an Item now works with recent Amazon changes
  • New Display Inventory Upload Status display in Upload to Amazon menu to display uploads using Upload New/Modified.
  • AMan imports the order tax paid by buyers in a field called SumTax. The field SumAll now includes the value for SumTax.
    -   To import order tax information, you must have AMan configured to use new order reports - i.e.  'Use Old Amazon Order Reports' must NOT be checked in Configure->Amazon Settings->Import Options.

Version 3.3.1537 - 5th July, 2015

  • AMan now works with Microsoft Edge if used as default browser.
  • Worked around order confirmation issue if time servers are out by a second or two.

Version 3.3.1533 - 7th April, 2015

  • Fixed issue where MWS Pricing Rules dialog would be obscured by text from other options and prevent changing of some pricing rules.

Version 3.3.1532 - 3rd April, 2015

  • Implemented support for Amazon Business Seller program (a by invite only Amazon program) which added an undocumented field to the Open Listings Report and caused the import to fail.

Version 3.3.1531 - 25th March, 2015

  • Fixed issue with importing UK Open Listings Reports due to Amazon setting undocumented values for a field.
  • Added Amazon Price Alert function to prevent listings being deactivated by Amazon Price Alerts. Please see Amazon Price Alert Feature for instructions.
  • Changed Order Confirmations to UTC format dates.
  • Fixed issue where Display Orders Shipped Today did not display the orders.
  • Added Quick Filter to Order, Listing and Pending Uploads pop-up menu.
  • New function 'Export Selected Listing Information' in Import/Export Menu->Export->Export Fixed to enable exporting of listing information from selected rows.
  • Improved time taken for Get Weight and dimensions and Get Extra Listing Info functions.
  • More types of corrupt Order Reports can now be automatically repaired.
  • Regional Box C added as an option for shipments using DAZzle.

Version 3.3.1507 - 1st October, 2014

  • Fixed issue with SKUs containing one or more single quotes.
  • New option in Configure->Amazon Settings->Listing Options to allow AMan to alert you if trying to list DVDs whose list price is $25 (configurable) or more.

Version 3.3.1506 - 29th September, 2014

  • Implemented a workaround for Amazon generating corrupt open listings reports where the open-date field is missing data for some items. This is a MANDATORY update.
  • Fixed issue for USPS International Rates when getting rates for the UK.
  • New pricing option 'Exclude sellers with MORE than X feedbacks' to exclude large sellers (including Amazon) when repricing.

Version 3.3.1505 - 28th August, 2014

  • Support for Free Economy shipping option implemented. This allows non-media sellers to offer free shipping with a longer shipping time and is offered to buyers using your Amazon Seller Central account Shipping Settings. This change allows setting postage options for orders with this shipping selected which will need to be configured in AMan.

Note: If you offer this option to buyers, your items will be listed with a shipping cost of $0.00. Therefore after offering this option to buyers, it is very important that you reprice your inventory to account for this change.

Version 3.3.1501 - 21st August, 2014

  • Changes made to address changes in Amazon MWS signup process.
  • Changed URL for USPS tracking information.
  • Improved display when an open listings report has corrupt records.
  • Performance improvements in order displays.

Version 3.3.1489 - 20th July, 2014

  • Fixed issue where the MWS Configuration Wizard failed for UK accounts due to changes made by Amazon on the signup page.
  • Changed status indicators for background Open Listings Report
       - Yellow indicates that the report is still being processed.
       - A checkmark indicates that the report has been imported.

Version 3.3.1483 - 12th June, 2014

  • In Pending Uploads, the PW (Price Watch) column will always be displayed in position 1. This will make it easier to eyeball Price Watch constrained prices.
  • IncrementSKU function added to scripts.
  • Fixed issue where errors could be displayed in background report processing.
  • DAZzle USPS Tracking tag changed to avoid messages in DAZzle.

Version 3.3.1469 - 15th December, 2013

  • Compatibility with Amazon Manage Inventory Beta. This will be a mandatory upgrade once Amazon Manage Inventory beta becomes the released version.
  • Automatic repricing may be run every 30 minutes (changed from every 60 minutes).
  • Portions of Generate Open Listings Report work in the background to allow use of AMan while waiting for report to be generated.
  • Optionally allow Generate Open Listings Report to work completely in the background to allow use of AMan while waiting for reports to be generated. On the Open Listings Report status dialog, the 'Continue in Background' button can be used to initiate this functionality.

    Use of this option means that AMan will not have an up to date record of your inventory until all background processing has completed.  
  • Note: Once an Open Listings Report has been queued for background processing, no further Open Listings Report requests can be issued until the queued request is complete.
  • Note: The status of a queued Open Listings Report request is displayed in the bottom right hand corner. S - Indicates Submitted, P- Indicates in Progress, D - Indicates done and AMan has an up to date record of your  inventory.

Version 3.3.1453 - 31st October, 2013

  • Workaround for issue where Amazon is displaying SKUs with non-alphanumeric characters (e.g. spaces, plus signs) in the SKU and other fields after modifying a listing. This causes Modify on Amazon to issue an error message and be unable to confirm that the listing has been modified.

Version 3.3.1451 - 29th October, 2013

  • Fixed issue where List an Item would fail with 'Unable to locate correct form in list submit page' message due to changes on Amazon.
  • After postage is printed with DAZzle,  postage balance will be displayed if available.
  • Fixed Update Sales Rank function.
  • Fixed issue where List an Item screen could be shrunk to not display buttons.

Version 3.3.1444 - 27th August, 2013

  • Fixed issue with AMan failing to logon due to changes with the Amazon logon process at Amazon. This is a MANDATORY update and ALL copies of AMan must be upgraded at the same time.

Version 3.3.1442 - 15th August, 2013

  • Fixed issue with option to not price based on condition would cause some items with that condition to get repriced in rare circumstances.

Version 3.3.1440 - 30th July, 2013

  • Fixed issue where USPS Rates displays had garbled characters due to data being sent by USPS.

Version 3.3.1438 - 26th July, 2013

  • Implemented changes for the new Seller Central UI and Upload Page.

Version 3.3.1430 - 5th July, 2013

  • Fixed issue with Get Extra Listing Info to ensure all catalog information is imported.

Version 3.3.1428 - 27th June, 2013

  • This update should be installed ASAP as it will be required for upcoming changes.
  • Listing IDs will no longer be used for matching orders to inventory. SKUs will be used exclusively. The ListingID field will have the SKU and the OldListingID field will contain the actual listing ID. On first starting this version, AMan will go through a migrate process which must be allowed to complete. Note: ALL copies of AMan must be upgraded at the same time.
  • Mousing over the AMan icon in the Windows systray will display the next automatic repricing time if automatic repricing is started.
  • Buy box pricing takes sale price into account.
  • Purge/Replace removes all items from Active Listings. They will be added back once an open listings report has been imported.

Version 3.3.1416 - 15th May, 2013

Version 3.3.1415 - 12th May, 2013

  • Implemented UPS Mail Innovations shipping classes via Configure->Postage Settings->Advanced Options
  • Implemented DHL Global Mail Smart Mail (DHLGM SM) shipping classes via Configure->Postage Settings->Advanced Options
  • Fixed minor issue with the lowest price display (the calculation was not affected)
  • NOTE: AMan requires Office 2003 (Word 2003 and/or Outlook 2003). Prior versions of Office are no longer supported. Microsoft stopped providing support for Office XP/Office 2002 in 2011.

Version 3.3.1412 - 9th April, 2013

  • Fixed issue with Close Selected Listings

Version 3.3.1406 - 27th March, 2013 - Mandatory Update

  • Mandatory upgrade due to changes in Amazon logon process.
  • Added shipping classes for users using UPS Mail Innovations and DHL Global Mail with DAZzle (initial implementation)

Version 3.3.1405 - 28th February, 2013

  • Fixed issue with Buy Box pricing when using Add New Inventory Wizard and existing SKUS

Version 3.3.1299 - 6th February, 2013

  • This is a STRONGLY recommended update of AMan Pro
  • Implemented DAZzle First Class Flat International
  • Fixed issue where the wrong type of account could be detected by AMan

Version 3.3.1298 - 18th January, 2013

  • Fixed issue with List an Item not being able to list due to Amazon changes.
  • Implemented DAZzle changes for Express mail
  • Implemented support for Amazon GCIDs

Version 3.3.1290 - 12th November, 2012

  • Worked around Amazon issue where requests for order reports could fail.
  • Improved efficiency of obtaining shipping costs for media items.
  • Worked around Amazon issue of duplicate order records in reports for the same order.
  • User created files can no longer be saved in the install folder.

Version 3.3.1271 - 4th September, 2012

  • Mandatory upgrade with MWS Pricing fixes, improvements and performance enhancements.
  • List Price for items now displayed on List an Item when available
  • Number of sellers is obtained by condition
  • Improved speed when pricing large inventories
  • Fixed issue where weights were being obtained from Amazon even if not configured to do so.
  • Search on Amazon now uses MWS data feed
  • List an Item now has Show Amazon Offers button to display the Amazon offer page for the listing being processed
  • For ISBNs, the EAN field is now populated in Active Listings
  • Extra validation added for pricing rule values.
  • List an Item display tidied up.

Version 3.3.1253 - 4th September, 2012

  • Fixed issue automatic order reports importing or automatic repricing may not run continuously

Version 3.3.1251 - 3rd September, 2012

  • Fixed issue where if the title of an item was longer than 250 characters, items may not be priced.
  • The New Buy Box price is now stored in the BBActual column in Pending Uploads
  • The Calculate My price percentage can now be greater than 100%
  • The number of feedbacks can now be greater than 100,000

Version 3.3.1249 - 1st September, 2012

  • Fixed issue where collectibles would be priced against the New Buy Box

Version 3.3.1248 - 30th August, 2012

Note: this is a MAJOR release introducing the new Amazon MWS Pricing Data Feed and new Pricing Rules. See MWS Pricing Data Feed and Rules for details.

  • This version provides the new MWS Pricing Rules. See MWS Pricing Data Feed and Rules for details.
  • Fixed issue where AMan would continuously price one item in rare circumstances and not move onto the next item.

Version 3.3.1247 - 28th August, 2012

Note: this is a MAJOR release introducing the new Amazon MWS Pricing Data Feed and new Pricing Rules. See MWS Pricing Data Feed and Rules for details.

  • Fixed where List an Item did not work due to changes at Amazon.
  • This version provides the new MWS Pricing Rules. See MWS Pricing Data Feed and Rules for details.

Version 3.3.1143 - 28th June, 2012

  • Mandatory upgrade due to Amazon logon process changing.

Version 3.3.1124 - 10th May, 2012

  • Removed requirement for .NET 2.0

Version 3.3.1114 - 28th March, 2012

  • Fix to prevent intermittent issue with obtaining Amazon pricing data. All users should upgrade to this new version.

Version 3.3.1109 - 24th February, 2012

  • Fixed issue with completed date on MWS reports
  • DAZzle integration now support Non-Machineable packages
  • Added Proxy Server support
  • Internet Explorer 8 or later is now required
  • A new feature called SnipIts is now available via List an Item. This allows storing phrases (rather than complete sentences) which may be quickly inserted in seller comments. Documentation coming later.

Version 3.3.1081 - 6th October, 2011

  • US Only: Merge Inventory Data Wizard now allows merging of US shipping options offered.
  • Fixed issue where in some circumstances, shipping options offered would default to domestic only.

Version 3.3.1071- 1st August, 2011

  • Implemented Close Listing with new listing pages. Previous versions would display an error message.

Version 3.3.1067- 30th June, 2011

  • Minor changes to the code for the new listings pages.

Version 3.3.1063- 28th June, 2011

  • Allow List on Amazon and Modify on Amazon to work with new listing pages.
    Note: Close Selected Listing on Amazon does not currently work with the new listing pages - this will be available in a later release.
  • Windows default browser rather than Internet Explorer will be used when accessing Amazon pages not requiring a logon to the Amazon account.

Version 3.3.1030 - 13th May, 2011

  • The USPS rates (domestic and international) function now displays both commercial (DAZzle) rates and retail (counter) rates.

Version 3.3.1020 - 5th April, 2011

  • Fixed issue where the feedback URL for UK sellers has been changed by Amazon.

Version 3.3.1019 - 3rd April, 2011

  • Temporary workaround for Amazon issue with generating corrupt open listings reports. Click here for details.
  •  New DAZzle DVD and Video international flat boxes.
  • Added button to List an Item screen to display previous orders for the currently displayed ASIN (if orders are processed on the same PC).

Version 3.3.1009 - 10th March, 2011

  • AMan startup page now displays the Amazon account page for the seller so that Amazon announcements are visible.
  • Three new reports to be used at tax time. Accessible via Queries->Queries Menu->Reports, they are:
    1. Display (Approximate) Inventory at Start of a Year
    2. Display (Approximate) Inventory at End of a Year
    3. Display Orders for a State for a Year (for state sales tax)

Version 3.3.1003 - 4th March, 2011

  • Fixed issue which displayed error messages when listing items using List an Item due to changes on Amazon web site.

Version 3.3.968 - 14th February, 2011

  • Added detection for AVG 2011.
  • Option to use default browser removed due to issues with some versions of Windows.

Version 3.3.958 - 19th January, 2011

  • New USPS services such as Regional Priority Boxes and Padded Envelopes implemented. Please note that this version requires DAZzle 11.1.7 be installed as prior versions of DAZzle had issues.
  • Fixed issue with USPS sending bad data for USPS Rates Calculator.
  • Media type is now available in templates.

Version 3.3.938 - 17th November, 2010

  • Fixed issue with using default browser and reverting back to Internet Explorer

Version 3.3.923 - 7th October, 2010

  • Fixed issue where AMan was unable to create packing slips/picklists.
  • Fixed issue where AMan was unable to create or send Outlook emails

Version 3.3.919 - 11th September, 2010

  • Fixed issue where if Amazon did not return a seller nickname, AMan would continually logon trying to obtain it.

Version 3.3.916 - 9th September, 2010

  • Fixed issue where List an Item would display error message "Unable to retrieve status field" in certain circumstances.

Version 3.3.915 - 7th September, 2010

  • Fixed issue where incorrect logins were not detected due to changes at Amazon
  • Updated Amazon Links at Tools->Amazon Links to use new link URLs

Version 3.3.910 - 24th August, 2010

  • Windows default browser rather than Internet Explorer will be used when accessing Amazon pages not requiring a logon to the Amazon account.
  • New upload option, Upload Shipping Methods + Price, which allows changing of shipping methods offered without risk of opening closed/sold listings.

Version 3.3.868 - 20th June, 2010

  • Support for new US and UK shipping options.
  • Fixed issue with Refund function due to changes at Amazon.
  • Changes to Open Listings Report processing due to corrupt Open Listings Reports being generated by Amazon.
  • New View button on Filter bar to quickly locate a column in any display.
  • Added Upload Database and Logs to Support button to Help->Help Menu.
  • A message will be displayed if using Windows 2000 as no longer supported by Microsoft.
  • A message will be display if using Office 2000 as no longer supported by Microsoft.
  • Added support for Office 2010. Please note that the 64 bit version and Click to Run version are not supported.
  • Added Close Listing support for Hybrid (non-Marketplace)  users.
  • Fixed issue where Queue for Relist would only allow 10 selections.
  • Support printing international order with DAZzle that have up to 30 items (previous limit was 5).

Version 3.3.812 - 14th March, 2010

  • Support for new US and UK open listings reports
  • Support for new UK order reports
  • New parameter "Ignore Amazon/Additional Metrics if Collectible" in Configure->Amazon Settings->Advanced Pricing. If checked and item is collectible, AMan will not add extra metrics and will not compare to Amazon price when pricing.
  • Message is displayed if doing a search of listings and Active Only is not checked

Version 3.3.792 - 2nd February, 2010

  • Fixed issue where non-domestic shipping options in List an Item were ignored for UK users due to changes at Amazon web site.

Version 3.3.789 - 28th January, 2010

  • Fixed issue where some types of Amazon accounts would cause AMan to request a Merchant Token due to Amazon changes on their web site.
  • List an Item will highlight and warn if trying to list a NEW Import book
  • List an Item will now warn and highlight if trying to list a Toy in Used condition (not allowed by Amazon)
  • Parcel Select implemented in DAZzle options

Version 3.3.774 - 31st December, 2009

  • Fixed issue with Feedback URL link not being correctly formatted in emails. The fix will only apply to newly imported orders.
  • List an Item screen allows tabbing to Weight, Height, Width and Length fields
  • Fixed compatibility issue with DAZzle 10 which caused a failure of "Invalid CountryCode" message when printing international postage

Version 3.3.755 - 4th December, 2009

  • Fixed issue that would deselect order when editing details
  • Fixed issue that caused updates to the grid (e.g. Packed status) to not stick if Export to Excel was used prior to the operation without refreshing the display.
    If you use Export to Excel, you should install this update ASAP.

Version 3.3.742 - 24th November, 2009

  • List an Item screen layout slightly modified
  • New option in Configure->Amazon Settings->Import Options to "Generate ASIN reconcile report when importing open listings report". If on, this option will update merged ASINs with the correct ASIN value automatically.
  • Improved formatting of other seller listings in Purchase Application.
  • Fixed issue importing open listings reports for UK Hybrid Amazon accounts.

Version 3.3.739 - 10th November, 2009

  • When using First Class Flat or Envelope and no DC, an IMB is passed back to AMan Pro. This value is no longer uploaded when confirming orders with CWS.
  • Support for new Amazon "Hybrid" type account (Marketplace and Merchants@ combined)
  • Sales Channel imported with orders for WebStore accounts.

Version 3.3.736 - 26th October, 2009

  • Resolved issues with changes made on Amazon site.
  • AMan will now shut down if it detects that the regional and language settings have been changed.
  • Forces a Compact/Repair if AMan was not properly shut down previously.
  • Increased timeout for automatic order imports.

Version 3.3.724 - 8th October, 2009

  • Mandatory upgrade because of changes on the Amazon site.
    • Fixed issue with List an Item and Modify on Amazon
    • Fixed issue with with refunds
    • Amazon resolved issue with not being able to import open listings reports
  • New ASIN reconciliation function.
  • Purchase application can now import up to 5000 of another sellers listings and price according to AMan defined pricing rules.
  • New Fast Search function available on Filter bar to quickly find and filter on  records in displayed grid containing specified text.

Version 3.3.695 - 21st September, 2009

  • Fixed Charge When Ship issue which caused some order confirmation uploads to fail if uploaded around midnight.

Version 3.3.693 - 7th September, 2009

  • Implemented fix for Listing ID retrieval task failing due to changes on Amazon. If the task had been previously turned off, it should be turn back on using Configure->General Settings->Scheduled Tasks and checking "Run ListingID Retrieval Task every X minutes"
  • Improved recovery when generating reports or uploading inventory when a network or Amazon issue temporarily causes the status display to fail.
  • Compact/Repairs also processes AManArchive and AManSettings databases
  • Two new queries available in Inventory Management Menu->Tools and Queries Menu->Listings:
    • Display ASINs with X or more listings (Summary)
      - Display a summary of any ASINs listed with the same condition (and sub condition) X or more times
    • Display Listings listed X or more times with same condition
      - Display listings listed with the same condition and ASIN X or more time (each listing is displayed)
  • Fixed issue where "Use 1-Click with CWS" not appearing as checked even though set
  • New function Display Cancel Pages for Selected (in Order Fulfillment Menu->Customer Service) displays the Amazon Cancel Pages for the selected orders. Even if cancelled through these pages, these orders must be Marked as Refunded in AMan to prevent them being processed.
  • Added option "Add shipper to shipping service" in Configure->Order Fulfillment Setting->Charge When Ship (on by default) to prepend the carrier name to the shipping service (allows a better display for the buyer when looking at an order since Amazon does not appear to display the carrier otherwise)
  • Removed Send Ship Emails from main order fulfillment toolbar as shipment emails are no longer allowed by Amazon when enrolled in Charge When Ship.


Version 3.3.672 - 21st July, 2009

  • Note: This is a mandatory update for AMan Pro users and must be upgraded to before August due to data feed changes at Amazon. Please see Upgrading to AMan Pro with Charge When Ship functionality for details
  • Note: This version of AMan Pro requires that the date/time AND time zone are correct on your PC.
  • Charge When Ship (CWS) functionality now implemented. Please see
  • SpaceWare announces Amazon Charge When Ship functionality for AMan Pro for details.
  • List an Item will warn if attempting to list a pre release item.
  • Fixed issue with refunds caused by changes on the Amazon site.
  • Workaround for Amazon issue in Purchase Application if items becomes unavailable after being added to the AMan cart.

Version 3.3.630 - 8th June, 2009

  • Note: This version of AMan Pro requires that the date/time AND time zone are correct on your PC.
  • Improved Listing ID retrieval performance.
  • Added option to turn off enforcement of Collectible prices for US.
  • ECS signing implemented.
  • Changed name for Flat Rate Box to Medium Flat Rate Box (as per USPS/DAZzle specs)
  • After an alert is displayed, a red box will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the AMan screen while the alert is active. Double clicking on the box will display the alert.
  • Fixed issue where an error message appear if using Adjust Inventory Quantity Wizard and the input file contains blank SKUs.

Version 3.3.619 - 22nd April, 2009

  • Added workarounds for some listing issues due to recent Amazon changes.

Version 3.3.584 - 17th March, 2009

  • Changed refund processing to work with recent changes at Amazon
  • UK addresses are now formatted to Royal Mail recommended format if using AMan to print shipping labels
  • Merge Inventory Data Wizard now allows y/n values for boolean fields

Version 3.3.560 - 31st January, 2009

  • Added DAZzle shipping postage option Small Flat Rate Box

Version 3.3.549 - 14th January, 2009

  • Fixed issue List/Modify listing failed with "Unable to locate success form" message (due to Amazon web site changes). This is a MANDATORY upgrade and needs to be applied on all PCs running AMan Pro. Click here for full details.

Version 3.3.516 - 4th November, 2008

  • Fixed issue where the Max Price was ignored in pricing calculations
  • Improved performance of importing inventory files with ISBNs
  • New script variable SkipPriceWatch. If set to True, AMan will not use Price Watch for the item being priced (by default Price Watch may override script price).
  • Open Listings Reports are now automatically imported after being generated. This may be turned off using Configure->Amazon Settings->Import Options.
  • After automatically importing an open listings report, a message is displayed. This may be turned off using Configure->Amazon Settings->Import Options.
  • All zShop fields in Active Listings and Pending Uploads have been deleted since they are no longer supported by Amazon.
  • New field Platform added to Active Listings and Pending Uploads. For video games and software, this will normally contain the platform the product runs on (e.g. Windows, X-Box etc.).
  • Added the following display functions to Queries Menu->Listings and Inventory Management Menu->Inventory Tools:
    - Display Active Listings with AMan Fields
    - Display Active Listings with No AMan Fields
    - Display All Listings with AMan Fields
    - Display All Listings with No AMan Fields
  • Added the following export functions to Import/Export Menu->Export->Export Fixed and Inventory Management Menu->Inventory Tools:

    - Export Active Listings with AMan Fields
    - Export All Listings with AMan Fields
  • New pricing option in Amazon Settings->Advanced Pricing "Ignore sellers having a quantity less than: X". Allows you to ignore sellers of an item when they are selling less than X (X should be greater than 1 to have an effect)


Version 3.3.489 - 10th September, 2008

  • New version to take into account the USPS/DAZzle changes with Bound Printed Matter (BPM). See USPS BPM Changes for more details.

Version 3.3.487 - 7th September, 2008

  • Fixed issue with UK List an Item and Shipping Options
  • Fixed issue with Add New Inventory Wizard to ignore blanks on import
  • Fixed issue with USB Scales when negative weight returned
  • Email now support Windows Live Email

Version 3.3.482 - 23rd August, 2008

  • New Pricing Options:
    • Final Price Adjustment may be a percentage or absolute amount (see Pricing Rules for details)
    • Rules may be configured to price Used or Refurbished items below the lowest New price by an amount or percentage (see Pricing Rules for details)
    • New pricing parameter to "Ignore Acceptable Items (if not Acceptable). Allows ignoring Acceptable items in pricing if selling an item that is listed as Good or better. See Advanced Pricing Options for details.
    • New pricing parameter "Ignore global min if min/cost min set". If set, this will cause AMan to ignore the global minimum if there is a min price or cost based min calculated for a listing. This will allow prices with min/cost values to be priced below global minimum (i.e. the specific min/cost will override the global minimum). See Advanced Pricing Options for details.
  • New pricing script variable - newprice, myoffer and mysuboffer (see AllVariables.bas for details)
  • New function to manually set Price to Old Price in pending Uploads (reverts to price prior to calculation)
  • New Refund processing implemented

Version 3.3.455 - 25th June, 2008

  • Changed refund processing to take into account changes made by Amazon which prevented refunds being issued from AMan
  • Improved message when listing an ineligible item or reusing a SKU

Version 3.3.436 - 18th June, 2008

  • Changed order fulfillment import to accommodate new format for Marketplace 2.0 accounts
  • New column LastPricedTime in Active Listings to indicate date and time of last repricing for that listing
  • Refresh dialog for reports and uploads changed to stress the auto refresh function
  • Fixed issue where the product put out an erroneous error message when logging onto Amazon and using IE6 or earlier
  • Improved performance of getting weights for item when importing an open listings report
  • Export Grid function default file extension to .TXT
  • Implemented task for certain Marketplace 2.0 accounts to obtain listing id if not available at time of listing
  • Fixed issue where only 10 items would be displayed in List an Item if configured to request more than 10 and/or Get Specified Condition was not set

Version 3.3.397 - 20th May, 2008

  • Bound Printed Matter is once again available as a postal option (DAZzle 8.1.03 required as 8.1.02 does not have BPM)

Version 3.3.395 - 16th May, 2008

  • Repricing performance pricing improvements up to 25% faster
  • Fixed issue where uploads appear not to complete

Version 3.3.389- 6th May, 2008

  • Fixed issue where AMan Pro was not compatible with Endicia DAZzle

Version 3.3.349- 28th March, 2008

  • Added support for USB Scales

Version 3.3.329 - 8th March, 2008

  • Update to support Large Flat Rate Box via DAZzle
  • Update to support Express Premium Service (Sunday/Holiday delivery)
  • Update to refund processing to incorporate Amazon changes
  • Performance improved on date range order displays
  • Shipping Label processing improvements (will accept invalid data)
  • Update processing now downloads setup.exe (a smaller file)
  • Upload Auto Refresh for UK users changed to work with Amazon changes

Version 3.3.316 - 15th February, 2008

  • New data feed for pricing which allows display of listing date for Marketplace seller items and faster retrieval of quantities
  • Two new columns in List an Item seller display -
    • SS=Indicates that the seller item is eligible for Super Saver and Prime (typically an FBA item)
    • SC=Indicate a Seller Central (Marketplace 2.0/FBA/Merchants@)
  • New pricing parameter in Configure->Amazon Settings->Pricing Rules. Users can now configure that AMan should exclude sellers whose number of feedbacks (as opposed to their actual feedback value) is less than the specified value
  • CTRL-Home and CTRL-End navigate to ISBN/UPC/ASIN and Price fields on List an Item screen
  • 2BPacked and2BShipped displays now color orders with more than 1 item in orange
  • Configuration changes may now be cancelled to revert to previous values (does not apply to Postage weight settings)
  • Get Extra Listing Info function is now faster and includes Model Number and Manufacturer Part Number
  • Customs forms value no longer includes shipping
  • Filter bar now allows use of time in date fields and blank is a valid search value
  • Filter bar now allows use of Ends With and Does Not End With
  • Postal row tags are now available in tag pull down list in template editor
  • New Advanced DAZzle option - "Treat zero cost postage as valid". If set allows printing of DC labels without postage
  • New Advanced Pricing Option - "Skip DoNotPrice". If set, AMan will ignore items marked as DoNotPrice when auto repricing.

Version 3.3.190 - 12th October, 2007

  • New function "Display Active Items with at least 1 sale" function in Queries->Queries Menu->Reports
  • AManShippingFee in Sold Items table is now the aggregate shipping for Marketplace
  • Logon to VendorNet turned off
  • Fixed issue where DAZzle rubber stamps 7 through 10 were not placed correctly
  • New option in Advanced Amazon Options - Include Quantity with Listing Settings - Off by default. This will prevents having a quantity value in a named setting for List an Item.
  • New option "Do not send invalid address email if military" in Configure->Order Fulfillment Settings->Address Verification
    - Note: This will also prevent the order from being held
  • Changed primary key for Listings table from ListingID to AManID
  • New option "Print Customs Forms" in Configure->Postage Settings->Advanced Options. On by default. If off, AMan will set the customs form to NONE in the postal row.
  • Added check for duplicate SKUs (case insensitive) when importing open listings report
  • New function: Order Fulfillment report, Open Listings report and Upload auto refresh feature (progress display will automatically refresh every 30 seconds and eliminate having to click on Refresh button)
  • New option to turn on/off auto refresh in Configure->Amazon Settings->Import Options.
  • Added option in Search and Purchase dialog to return items by sales rank (default is ON as it provides better search)
  • New button on List an Item to access SKU options
  • Template Editor now includes Help
  • Fixed Vista issue where Save File dialog was not showing file name.
  • Allow Stealth to be specified for International order defaults
  • If more than one item in an order the AManDescription and ItemCount columns are set to light orange
  • If a quantity of more than 1 is ordered for a specific item, the AManDescription and Listings columns are set to dark orange
  • Changed Add New Inventory Wizard to correctly interpret UK Ship Options

Version 3.3.63 - 7th June, 2007

  • Minor updates due to DAZzle changes
  • Fix for issue with cloning listings and to prevent marking an unlisted item for deletion

Version 3.3.49 - 29th May, 2007

  • Fix for "Unable to locate position of slash in" message when performing some operations in AMan. This was due to a change implemented at Amazon.
  • Enhancements to DAZzle integration to support changes made by DAZzle and USPS:
  • AMan will not allow postage to be printed for First Class Envelope where the weight is greater than 3.5 ounces
    • AMan will not allow DC on First Class unless it is Parcel (will prevent on Envelope and Flat)
    • AMan will not allow stealth on First unless it is Parcel and has DC
    • AMan will allow stealth to be specified on International Priority and Express
    • AMan allows use of decimals in weights so that you can specify a First Class value of 3.5 ounces or less
    • International Mail. The USPS allows Endicia to discount Priority Mail
      International (5%) and Express Mail International (8%) However, you must use the correct layout in the DAZzle software for the discount to apply. With the proper layout and Stealth Postage turned on, the discount will apply automatically.
      - Large Express Mail International Shipping Label
      - Large International Shipping Label
      - Large Priority Mail International Shipping Label
      - Small Priority Mail International Shipping Label
      - Small First Class Mail International Shipping Label
      - Zebra Small International Shipping Label
      - Zebra Small Priority Mail International Shipping Label
      - Zebra Small First Class Mail International Shipping Label
    • To avoid being prompted each time you will need too configure Stealth as always being on in DAZzle (appears to be a bug). To do this, start DAZzle and go to Postage->Options->Premium Service from the DAZzle menu and check the Stealth option. Then open and save the International layout that you use. You have to do this for each International layout that you use.

Version 3.3.28 - 8th May, 2007

Version 3.3.6 - 18th April, 2007

  • Updated to allow for change in SSN emails
  • Updated to work around Amazon certificate expired issue
  • Fixed issue where automatic pricing would prompt in certain circumstances

Version 3.2.66 - 30th March, 2007

  • Updated to be Vista compatible
  • Issue with Export to Excel and no AManID resolved

Version 3.1.1527 - 5th February, 2007

  • Updated to be Office 2007 compatible

Version 3.1.1482 - 13th January, 2007

  • Added ability to schedule order fulfillment report imports and to specify times of the day for the schedule.
  • Purchase application now support Sales Rank.
  • Improved Export to Excel function.
  • Changed to use .NET 2.0
  • Build numbering system changed.

Version 3.1.423 - 14th December, 2006

  • Fixed issues caused by Internet Explorer 8 bugs. This version should be installed ASAP if you have upgraded to IE7.
  • Supports USPS Shipping Assistant V3

Version 3.1.402 - 25th November, 2006

  • Improved search for items without a UPC/EAN code or ISBN
  • Improved Purchasing search
  • Find Listings now searches Authors field
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.1.368 - 2nd October, 2006

  • AMan Pro now supports Delivery Confirmation on APO/FPO addresses (the latest version of DAZzle needs to be installed on your system to support this).
  • To add more immediate support, AMan Pro now polls the SpaceWare web site to detect if there are urgent messages from SpaceWare support.
  • New column when repricing: PricePercent - this will display the &age price difference and may be sorted by to determine the largest percentage prices changes (+/-)
  • Added column OldPrice as an option for the Add New Inventory Wizard
  • New Purchase Application - This allows you to purchase items from the List an Item screen. Useful if items are found that are on sale for very low prices. Two advantages - a) remove the lowball listing and b) obtain an item that may be sold at a good profit.

Version 3.1.329 - 4th September, 2006

  • New: List an Item screen now allows use of keystrokes for major functions:
    • F4 -  Save/Queue
    • F12 - List/Modify
    • Page Down - Next Item
    • Page Up - Previous Item
    • Esc - Cancel List an item
  • New: Custom Template Manager - Allows you to save and edit custom templates from a Tree View display.
  • New Assign Custom Template: This new function allows you to assign custom packing slip templates to orders. The custom template will override the default template used with packing slips.
  • New (for UK users): New field NetVATEach . This field is available in the Item component of templates. The value is the price per item in an order net of VAT if VAT has been configured.
  • You can now set up price watch so that it will change the price by a maximum of the amount or percentage (which ever is less). This can be configured in Configure->Amazon Settings->Advanced Pricing.
  • On the list an item you can now do a search using title or other keywords
  • Beside the condition field in List an Item, there is a button which allows you top refresh the Amazon information without having to move to the top of the screen.
  • In List an Item seller display, if no data is returned, the quantity is no displayed as -1 rather than 0 to avoid confusion.
  • Archive Database and Prune Listings performance has been improved
  • New task, Delete Old Orders. This allows you to delete orders (and associated dead listings) that you no longer require. This is an alternative to Archive Database if you do not want to maintain historical data and is faster.
  • (US Only) New function to have AMan Pro use the least expensive of Media Mail and Bound printer matter if shipping books. There are two modes of operation:
    1. Manual - In the Order Fulfillment menu, there is Set least expensive of Media and BPM for selected orders. What AMan will do is to check for the rates for the order (gotten from the USPS site legitimately) and change the shipping class appropriately. At the end it will give you a summary of what it has done. This is useful for testing the function until you get comfortable with it.
    2. Automatic - This will scan your orders before you print them with DAZzle and change to the least expensive shipping method (Media or BPM). This is turned on in Configure->Postage Settings->DAZzle Options in the Other Options section. No prompts are displayed.
    Both modes will check that ALL the items in an order are books. If not it will just ignore the order and leave as is. Also, it will only change orders that are already marked for Media or BPM.


Version 3.1.270 - 1st July, 2006

  • New: Update for Amazon (US) minimum collectible price after July 10th. See .
  • New: Feature to consolidate listings having the same ASIN and condition into one. If you have multiple listings for the same item and are concerned with page hogging, this will eliminate the duplicate listings and merge them into one.
  • New: 3 new upload functions - Upload A/M/D after import, Upload Purge/Replace  after Import and Create Upload File after Import. Normally AMan Pro expects that the user will price new inventory before uploading. In the process, AMan Pro obtains the ASIN which is then used in the upload process. These functions are designed to be used if you import a New Inventory file with the price already assigned and simply want to upload as is without going through the pricing process.
  • New: New menu item in Inventory Management - Inventory Tools. This is the collection of tools to alter listings in bulk which are not done using a simple edit. These include Add SKUS, Consolidate Listings.

Version 3.1.258 - 27th June, 2006

  • Updated scripting to return shipping options as boolean.
  • Increased timeout for upload and download operations.
  • Included new sample pricing script - OnlyInternational to allow pricing only against other sellers that offer international shipping.

Version 3.1.248 - 17th June, 2006

  • Updated to support Amazon SSN/SDN emails with new email headers.
  • Added feature Weigh after Scan to obtain weight of items being listed when the listing has been queued.
  • Corrected prompt when creating packing slips for items which had already been marked as shipped.

Version 3.1.236 - 6th June, 2006

  • Added Office 2007 (Office 12) beta compatibility. It is NOT recommended that Office 2007 be installed until it is generally available and out of beta as it may impact the functioning of AMan Pro
  • Improved speed of copying pending uploads back to active listings
  • ShipDate field now correctly filled in before creating shipping email
  • Added ability to change UK shipping options to all available values.
  • Fixed issue where some internal fields were not being properly copied from Pending to Active.