Amazon Price Alert function.

AMan now has a feature to prevent Amazon Price Alert from deactivating listings. It allows sending up Minimum and Maximum prices (based on configured Min/Max prices or current price) to Amazon. Please note that use of this function does NOT affect repricing in AMan or the use of global or per list Min/Max prices.

To use:

  1. Configure the AMan Amazon Price Monitor using Configure->MWS and Pricing Settings->Amazon Price Alert Options. Please make sure that you check the ‘Upload Amazon Price Alert Minimums/Maximums with Inventory Uploads’ to activate this feature.
  2. Fix any pricing errors you may have on Amazon by logging onto your Seller Central account and clicking on Inventory ->Manage Inventory and click on Fix Price Alerts (or Price Alerts) if visible. This will display listings deactivated by Amazon due to pricing errors. You should enter a Min/Max that lower and higher than your current price respectively and then relist the item. If this is not done, the items will not appear in an open listing report.
  3. If you had to fix any Price Alerts, wait at least 20 minutes to allow the relisting to propagate through the Amazon servers.
  4. Generate and import an Open Listings Report using  Amazon Reports->Generate Open Listings Report.
  5. Once configured, click on Inventory Management->Prepare Active for Pricing.
  6. Once Pending Uploads is displayed, Select All Rows.
  7. Click on Upload to Amazon->Upload Prices Only (not Price Changes Only or any other upload).
  8. Allow to complete and verify the upload using the View button.




  1. The Amazon Min/Max prices may be viewed using your Seller Central account->Inventory->Manage Inventory making sure that you have configured that the Min/Max prices columns are visible. Please note that if you are using the Amazon Manage Inventory Beta, then these columns are currently not available.
  2. All future uploads done using AMan (including automatic repricing) will recalculate the Amazon Min/Max prices based on your configuration of the feature (assuming that the option is kept on).
  3. Any inventory added using your Seller Central account will need to have their Amazon min/max values sent using the procedure above.
  4. Any additions/changes made to your Amazon inventory will have Amazon min/max values automatically sent when using uploads such as Upload New/Modified (as opposed to List on Amazon)
  5. This feature does not alter the AMan Min/Max (MinPrice, MaxPrice) values in AMan and will not affect how AMan prices your inventory.