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AMan Pro Features

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Pricing Features

  • Factor in shipping costs when pricing (yours and other sellers)
  • Price manually, automatically or mixed mode
  • Set minimum, maximum and fixed prices on a per item basis
  • Set global minimum price
  • Use cost based pricing to ensure a certain percentage profit - no more losses!
  • Ability to always price below New Buy Box price (for media items - Books, CDs, DVDs - this is typically Amazon's price) by an amount or percentage
  • Set prices based on all offers, offers with the same condition, offers with same or better condition
  • Match prices or set your price to be an amount above or below the current lowest
  • Factor in lowest New, Used Collectible and/or Refurbished prices regardless of condition of item being offered
  • Exclude sellers with low feedback numbers and/or values, penny sellers
  • Price Watch prevents dramatic changes in prices due to other sellers setting very low or very high prices
  • Auto-Pricer automatically reprices and uploads every hour or a configurable time period
  • Ability to always price used items a percentage or amount below the lowest new price.

Order Fulfillment Features

  • Capture order information from order fulfillment reports (scheduled and manual)
  • Generate and import Order Fulfillment reports
  • Supports scheduled Order Fulfillment reports
  • Customised pick lists, packing slips and customer emails with built-in template editor
  • Include seller comments and condition on packing slips and emails
  • Confirm your order shipments in bulk (Charge When Ship).
  • 1-Click order fulfillment (create shipping labels, packing slips, internet postage and confirm order shipments with one action)
  • Print internet postage and retrieve DC number and costs
  • Print SKUs, Order Numbers etc on internet postage labels in text or bar codes.
  • Track orders with DC
  • Configurable automatic shipping class selection
  • Determine postage costs before printing postage
  • Follow-up emails with direct link to feedback page
  • Ability to place orders on hold
  • Assign notes to orders
  • Apply different colors to individual orders
  • Verify and standardize US addresses
  • Report on items sold by date, SKU, ASIN etc.
  • Export sales data and postage costs to text or Excel files
  • Locate orders quickly using only partial information
  • Create custom emails and documents for suppliers
  • PC Scales supported to enable easy weighing of orders

Listing/Inventory Features

  • One screen listing for single items - view other seller offers and Amazon catalog data on one screen
  • Retrieve competition feedback, country, condition and price.
  • Supports scanning of bar codes and UPC/EAN to ISBN conversion
  • Price automatically calculated using your rules while obtaining Amazon data
  • Default settings for condition and seller comments
  • User defined fields associated for location and tags
  • Automatic SKU generation
  • Display image of item while listing
  • Scan and list mode where no keyboard or mouse interaction is required
  • Multiple upload modes - Prices Only (avoids multiple listing and order issues), Modify/Delete, Add/Modify/Delete, Purge/Replace, and Quantity Only.
  • Quickly changes cost, prices, comments etc on multiple items
  • Import inventory files from any source (Excel or text)
  • Import item weights at time of listing
  • Upload straight from AMan Pro and view upload status without having to visit the Amazon site
  • Export inventory to other software application using text or Excel files

Customer Service

  • All order data retained (as per Amazon PII data protection policy)
  • Send follow-up emails in bulk after the sale
  • Create custom emails and documents for typical communications with customers
  • Easily locate orders with only partial information
  • Locate multiple orders from the same customer

Usability Features

  • Simple install - no manual downloads of extra components like .NET
  • Fully customizable toolbars - place the tools you use the most often where you want them and color them they you want to.
  • Task Wizard to guide you through the most common tasks
  • Built-in Template Editor to create custom emails and documents
  • Fully customizable Grid layout
  • Filter data based on your criteria
  • Easy configuration of email accounts
  • Extensive help and documentation
Read about the benefits of using AMan Pro
View AMan Pro Screenshots  

Download a Free, fully functioning 21 day trial NOW!