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As an Amazon seller, you are all too aware of the stressful nature of the business.

  • You want to get and list more inventory on Amazon to obtain more sales - but using the Amazon web site takes a significant amount of time.
  • You want to price competitively based on your criteria to increase your sales and profits - but manually doing this takes significant time and is error prone.
  • You want to provide the best order processing and customer service so that your feedback is high and sales are better - but using the packing slips from Amazon eats up your morning.
  • You want more time, revenue and profit!

This is where AMan Pro comes in. AMan Pro will significantly increase the time available to you so that you can concentrate on the revenue generation tasks.

  • Create your customised packing slips and emails  in bulk
    AMan Pro automatically downloads order reports and verifies addresses as they arrive. Once you are ready to process orders, the orders are already laid out for you. With 1-Click, you simply select the all your orders, and AMan will take care of printing packing slips, Internet Postage or shipping labels and confirming shipment of your orders to Amazon in bulk.
  • Print postage and customs forms and track orders (US only)
    AMan Pro prints internet postage for you and enables you to determine the tracking status if you use DC - all from the AMan Pro product. If you are shipping internationally, AMan Pro will print customs forms with all the information filled in for you - all you need to do is sign. AMan Pro postage configuration allows you to have AMan Pro select the correct postage class based on weight on shipping requested by your customer. Once printed, the costs and DC number is automatically retrieved by AMan. Additionally, you can use the AMan Pro postage calculators to quickly figure the least expensive method of shipping. Using DAZzle rubber stamps, data such as order number or SKU may be printed on the postage label.
  • Create VAT invoices (UK only)
    If you are a UK Amazon seller, many of your customers will require a VAT invoice. AMan calculates the VAT amounts for you and the VAT rate may be configured when changes to the rate occurs.

  • Weigh once for postage
    When you use AMan Pro to print internet postage, you can add the weight manually prior to printing. However, AMan Pro can obtain the weight of your items at the time of listing if the data is available from the Amazon catalog. And if not, you can add the weight manually or use a PC scales to input it. By having the weight input a listing time, enables AMan to calculate the weight of the complete order (including multiple item orders and accounts for packaging weights). By using this function, AMan Pro can automatically select the shipment method at the time the order enters the system and all you have to do is to tell AMan Pro to print the postage.
  • Provide efficient Customer Service
    Responding to customer order inquiries quickly and efficiently is very important to maintaining your seller feedback and reputation. However, this can be very time consuming. AMan Pro provides many features to streamline this process. Orders may be very quickly located using parts of an order number, item, email address, buyer name (how many times have you gotten an email asking where their order is and they provide no information?). Once located, if you have used internet postage and DC, the tracking status of the package may be obtained. With AMan Pro you can set up custom emails to facilitate a quick and pertinent response to the customer.
  • Keep track of your inventory and avoid duplicate listings
    One of the issues with using products that only reprice is that you can inadvertently relist items that are no longer in stock. By using AMan Pro which decrements your inventory count on every sales, you will avoid this issue which causes you to issue refunds and get negative feedback. Additionally, AMan allows you to upload price changes only. This prevents the situation where orders come in during the upload process which may end up being double listed.
  • List single items by scanning or typing barcodes or ISBNS
    Using a single screen, you can quickly add items to your inventory. AMan Pro will display all the necessary data for you (such as other sellers, sales rank etc.) and price according to your rules. A click on the List button puts the item in your Amazon inventory and moves onto to the next item. With the batch scan facility, items can be scanned in as fast as you can scan and be ready for a single upload to Amazon.
  • Import, price and upload inventory files
    If you receive inventory files from suppliers, AMan Pro allows you to import the file (Excel or text), specifying the columns that map to values such as cost, SKU, condition and then price them according to your rules. Once priced, you can easily determine which items are worth listing and only upload those items that match your criteria.
  • Reprice the way you want to
    Using AMan Pro's extensive pricing rules, you configure how to compete against other sellers. Once configured, you simply tell AMan pro to use those rules to reprice and upload. You can have AMan Pro just calculate the price for further fine tuning by you. Or you can have AMan Pro do all the work and then upload for you. You can set minimum/maximum prices per item, for all items or based on costs. You decide whether you want to undercut your competition, ignore sellers with low feedback, ignore penny sellers etc. And if you need more control than the rules provide, AMan Pro has a built-in scripting facility to enable you to exactly define your price parameters. Pricing in AMan Pro  can be as simple or as complex as you need.
  • Update your prices every hour
    With AMan Pro's auto-pricer, you can have AMan Pro reprice your inventory every hour (or whatever period you prefer) automatically. AMan Pro will automatically recalculate prices for your inventory and upload any price changes without any intervention required.

View a detailed list of AMan Pro product features
View AMan Pro Screenshots  

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