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Upcoming USPS changes and AMan Pro

As you are probably aware, the USPS will be changing their rates and services on May 14th, 2007. This will impact shipping classes available in DAZzle and hence AMan Pro. From May 14th, all DAZzle users will be required to run V7 of DAZzle. This may be downloaded from the Endicia web site at . For a good discussion of the rate changes, you should visit .  To access the official documentation on the changes at the USPS web site, please visit .

How this affects AMan Pro users

The current version of AMan Pro with no changes (i.e. using the old shipping classes - e.g. using Global Priority Mail instead of International Priority) appears to work and convert to the correct shipping options when the date is May14th or later. This conversion is performed by DAZzle. Your current version of AMan Pro will work on May 14th and implement the new price changes. However, you will have to use the old service names and will not be able to use some of the new services (like not having to sign customs forms).

A new version of AMan Pro is available which will automatically switch to the new shipping classes and services on May 14th. This switch is only available in the latest version which may be downloaded from or directly downloaded from here . It is STRONGLY recommended that this new version of AMan Pro be installed as soon as possible and it may be installed prior to May 14th. While earlier versions of AMan Pro may work satisfactorily after May 14th, no DAZzle support for earlier versions of AMan Pro or DAZzle will be available after this date and you will be required to upgrade if you encounter any issues. Any version less than 3.3.26 is considered to be an earlier version and must be upgraded. Your currently installed version may be found by clicking on Help Menu->About AMan. You may also check for the latest updates using Help Menu->Check for AMan Updates.

Installation of the new version of AMan Pro will not affect your settings or data except as where noted here. Once the latest version is started, AMan Pro will convert all your orders and postal defaults from the old shipping services to the equivalent new services. For instance, First Class will be changed to First Class - Parcel, Global Priority will change to International Priority and Global Priority Flat Rate will change to International Priority Flat Rate Envelope.

Please note: In the new version of AMan (after May 14th) Flat Rate Envelope and Flat Rate Box shipping option in AMan will be available via the pull down list rather than the FR and FRBox checkboxes. The FR and FRBox checkboxes will no longer be available and are not needed.

The latest version may be installed now and will continue to use the old shipping classes until restarted on or after May 14th.

Once AMan has gone through this migration you should verify that the changed postal defaults are suitable for your business. These may be checked by clicking on Configure->Postage Settings in AMan Pro. Also, any orders waiting to have postage printed should be checked to ensure that the shipping class has been changed to the appropriate new shipping class.

In summary:

  • Upgrade to version 7 of DAZzle if you have not already done so by visiting
  • Upgrade to the latest version of AMan Pro by downloading and installing from
  • Perform both upgrades on or before May14th.
  • When performing either upgrade, make sure that both DAZzle and AMan/Outlook are not running.
  • Before processing postage through AMan Pro on May 14th, restart AMan to pick up the new shipping classes.
  • The current code you are running should work on May 14th as long as you are using DAZzle V7. However, it is strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest vesrion.

If you have any questions about the above changes, please do not hesitate to contact us using the Contact Support page.

Download a Free, fully functioning 21 day trial NOW!