Customizing the AMan Pro Grid



The various formatting options available on the grid are:

  1. Column Sort
    To sort the data based on a particular column, click on the column header (the gray header with the column name). The first click will cause the grid to be sorted based on the ascending values in the column and a gray up arrow will appear on the column header . If you click on the same header again, the data will be sorted based on the descending values in the column and a gray down arrow will appear on the column header . After sorting by one column, you may sub-sort by further columns by holding the Shift key down while clicking on the column header.

  2. Column Resizing
    Sometimes, the default column width is insufficient to show enough of the data. To overcome this, you change the width of columns. To do so, move the mouse to the right of the column you wish to resize until a horizontal, 2-way arrow appears (<-->). Click on the left button of the mouse and move the mouse until the size of the column is as you wish it. Columns to the right of column being resized will move to the right and maintain their current widths.

  3. Column Moving
    To move a column, click on the column header and move the mouse so that the column header is dragged to the location you wish. As you drag the column header, red vertical arrows will appear indicating where the column would go if you released the mouse at this point.

  4. Column Swapping
    This allows you to swap two columns. As there are many columns in the AMan displays, this provides a faster method of getting the columns you wish to have displayed present. To swap 2 columns, click the first column on the dark down arrow on the header. A list of the other columns will appear. Scroll down and select the second column. Clicking on the selected column will cause that column to be swapped with the first column.


All of the above settings are retained by AMan Pro across displays. Each type of display (e.g. orders listings etc.) have their own settings.