Understanding AMan Pro Pricing Rules


AMan Pro provides you with a sophisticated set of pricing rules that may be configured to match your business and pricing strategy. AMan Pro comes with a default set of rules that will price your items such that they match the lowest competition price.. However you may easily change the rules to price whatever way you wish (see MWS Pricing Rules).


AMan Pro pricing rules simply filter out other seller prices to get a set of prices. Once that set has been obtained, AMan Pro will select the lowest remaining price and add/subtract an amount that you configure (the amount can be zero to match the lowest remaining price).


For instance, AMan Pro allows you to filter out other seller prices by selecting the condition of items you want to compete against and , the feedback of sellers you want to compete against. When pricing, AMan Pro will obtain the prices of all the other sellers of an item. It will then exclude all items that do not match the condition you have specified. It will then exclude all items sold by sellers with feedback less than you have specified. It will then have a set of prices remaining. The lowest price from that set is then selected. The price is then adjusted up or down by the amount you configured to arrive at the final price for your item.