Pricing Quick Start


AMan Pro allows you to price your Active Listings without impacting your inventory during the pricing process. To achieve this, AMan Pro copies your active listings to an area called Pending Uploads. Here prices may set, comments changed etc. No changes made to Pending Uploads impacts either your Amazon inventory or AMan Pro's copy of your active listings. Any changes made take effect only when you Upload Inventory to Amazon or see Upload to Amazon Quick Start).


Note: AMan Pro does factor in your shipping and that of your competitors when pricing your items.


The steps required to (re)price with AMan Pro are as follows:


1. Initial Setup


If you have not already done so, first do the following:



2. Pricing Steps

   Pricing is performed within the Inventory Management section of AMan Pro.


 Before (re)pricing, you must first copy your active listings to the pending uploads area. This can be done in a variety of ways depending on what you want to achieve:


2.1 Price All Active Listings


   This is done by simply clicking on . This will copy all active listings to the pending uploads area and reprice them according to your pricing rules. If you have not specifically configured pricing options, AMan will by default reprice your items one penny lower than the competition. No changes to your Amazon inventory will be done at this time. (That will require you to Upload Inventory to Amazon). Therefore it is quite safe to experiment with your pricing options to see the effects here. Once the repricing is complete, AMan Pro will display the pending uploads grid which will show you the suggested changes to your prices and the price differences from the current prices. Items may be edited individually to manually set prices or to review the competition.  See Edit a Pending Upload for details. Items that could not be repriced (because it would violate your pricing rules) are shown color coded (See Color Coding for Pending Uploads Grid for details).



2.2 Price Selected Listings


    The steps to perform this operation are:


Once you are satisfied with the prices generated, you should then review the Upload to Amazon Quick Start.


To configure AMan Pro to automatically reprice your inventory, please see Scheduled Tasks . Please note that you should not use automatic repricing until you are satisfied with your pricing rules.