MWS Pricing Rules



The Pricing Rules Wizard will guide you through configuring AMan pricing rules. You may click Finish at any time to save any settings you have changed. The first series of dialogues will go through the most common pricing rules which should be sufficient for most users.

The MWS Pricing Rules Wizard is displayed by doing the following:


The following dialog will appear:


Condition and Sub-Condition Filters

Price against offers having:
When listing on Amazon, the condition of the item is specified as two parts - Condition and Sub-Condition. As an example, an item listed as Used - Very Good would be considered to have a Condition of Used and a Sub-Condition of Very Good. AMan allows you to decide if you wish to price within the same Condition and/or Sub-Condition.


Condition Exceptions


Feedback Filters

Feedback will be returned in ranges rather than absolute values. The ranges will be available in the List an Item screen when listing or repricing inventory. Currently Amazon uses the following ranges: 98-100%, 95-97%, 90-94%, 80-89%, 70-79%, Less than 70%, Just launched.


Calculate My Price


Once AMan has filtered out offers you do not wish to price against, your price will be calculated against the lowest remaining price and then adjusted by the amount or percentage specified.


Minimum Price to use after My Price is calculated


Never price below - This value is a "Global Minimum Price". If no MinPrice is assigned to an item, and no Cost is assigned to an item or a Cost Formula is not configured, AMan will use the price configured here as the minimum price.  





Lowest New Pricing


Using this option, AMan can be configured to always set the prices an amount or percentage below the lowest New price. This will only apply to Used or Refurbished items. It will not factor in when pricing Collectible items. New items will be priced against New items by default.


Cost Formula


This section allows you to set a minimum price for all your items based on the cost of your item. AMan allows entry of the cost of each item when listing (or afterwards in bulk) - see Listing a Single Item or Changing Pricing Parameters in Bulk .

Here you can specify the formula for the minimum price based on the cost of an item. The formula is simply: Min Price = (Cost * X) + Y


New Buy Box Pricing


These options allow you to price a percentage and/or amount lower than the New Buy Box price. Additionally you may choose not to reprice your item if you own the New Buy Box.

Note: If a New Buy Box price is obtained for media items, this will usually be the Amazon price.



Price Watch


Price Watch is a function within AMan pricing used to prevent large deviations in price. These deviations may be caused by inexperienced sellers or malicious sellers reducing prices which cause your price to drop artificially, or from increasing beyond what you feel is a reasonable price. Price Watch allows you to specify what action to take if a price changes by more than an amount or a percentage value. It also allows you to specify which items to apply Price Watch to. Note that when prices are limited by Price Watch, Pending Uploads (the column PW will be checked and colored) and List an Item will display .


Note: Price Watch is turned on only if both the checkbox is checked AND a non-zero value has been entered for the amount and/or the percentage.


Action to take when above limits reached:









Shipping Time Options


For non-media items, Amazon allows sellers to specify a shipping time greater than 2 days. If you sell non-media items, you may not wish to price against sellers whose shipping times are greater than 2 days.  

Condition of items to price


These options allow you to specify which Condition(s) you do not want AMan to price.


Offers to Exclude


AMan can exclude other sellers offers that are below your minimums before calculating your prices. It is possible to have up to 3 different minimum prices for any item. These are:


Merchant (Self/MFN) Fulfilled Items Filter


Here you can specify which type(s) of offers you wish to price your Merchant Fulfilled items against.

Price my Merchant Fulfilled items against:




Pricing Processing Options


When listing new inventory, AMan will not know, and may not be able to determine your shipping cost.

If you configure AMan to increase or decrease prices calculated by a percentage, there are two ways to calculate the percentage - a percentage of the price without shipping, or a percentage of the total (price + shipping). The options below allow you to choose which method AMan will use when calculating percentage increases and decreases.

AMan has a safety mechanism that will trigger warning messages and prompt you to review the prices calculated if the configured percentage of your items that previously were not priced at a penny are repriced to a penny. This mechanism works the same whether repricing manually or automatically. If automatic repricing is halted due to the trigger, those prices will not be uploaded to Amazon and automatic repricing will be turned off.