Listing Quick Start



Listing a single item on AMan Pro is easy. Assuming that you have configured your pricing rules (the default is to price as the lowest by a penny), the steps to follow are:


  1. Make sure that your Amazon Sign-on has been correctly configured.

  2. Navigate to Inventory Management section by clicking the Inventory Management tab

  3. Click on the button.

  4. The List an Item screen will appear:  


  5. Enter or Scan the ISBN/UPC/ASIN into the text box.

  6. Press Enter or click on button.

  7. The screen will change to display the details for the item:

  8. The Red area displays the Amazon information for the item. The Blue area displays the offers of competing sellers and your offers for the item. The Green area is the area to enter your details for the item.

  9. The green area is used to enter the details about the item being listed. Defaults may be set which are then used to populate the various fields once the screen is first displayed. Other defaults may be saved and recalled when you wish to change the item settings. For more information see Setting Defaults for List an Item.

    The values that may be set are as follows:

  10. To list the item, simply click the button. The item will be listed on Amazon immediately.

  11. To queue the item for later uploading, click on . The item will be queued to the pending uploads to be uploaded later (see Upload to Amazon Quick Start) . This is often used when scanning in a batch of items. You may also have AMan Pro automatically queue the item once scanned or typed in. For further information, please see Configuring Listing Options.

  12. For information setting and using defaults for List an Item screen, please see Setting Defaults for List an Item.