Introduction to Order Fulfillment with AMan Pro


AMan Pro provides order fulfillment functions such as the creation of Packing Slips, Emails and Internet postage. Additionally, AMan Pro allows you to issue refunds to customers without having to go to the Amazon web site. For US users, there are tools available to display the options and costs of various postage classes for an or and to obtain the status of an order sent using Delivery Confirmation.


AMan Pro comes with pre-configured picklist, packing slip and email templates. These may be used to perform your order fulfillment tasks. If you wish to customise the templates to (for instance) add your company logo, full details are available at Customizing AMan Templates. AMan Pro may be configured to automatically send an order confirmation email to customers once the order is first imported into AMan Pro (see Configuring Automatic Order Confirmation Emails.). Refunds may be issued using the steps outlined in Issuing Refunds .


For US users, tools are provided to display the cost of postage for an order to allow you to obtain the least expensive shipment cost. Also, you may check on the status of any order sent using Delivery Confirmation. Use of these tools are documented in Using the USPS Postage Calculators and Checking the status of shipments with Delivery Confirmation .


Prior to using emails with AMan Pro, you must first configure your email settings. For users of AMan Pro Outlook integration, there is no configuration required as AMan Pro will automatically detect Outlook For users of the POP3, you will have to set up your email server parameters. This configuration is documented in Configuring POP3/SMTP support.