Initial Configuration


When first executed, AMan Pro will request you to enter data that it needs to perform its function. It will also set up your default configuration. All of the information is kept locally and passwords are encrypted. AMan Pro will attempt to obtain suitable defaults where possible.



The first screen will be the trial screen. To run AMan Pro simply click on




During the trial period, all AMan Pro functionality will be available to you.




After the splash screen has been displayed, AMan Pro will request your Amazon logon. This is required to enable AMan Pro to generate and obtain reports, and to upload listings. Please enter your Amazon email address and password. This information will never be transmitted to any web site apart from Amazon.






After this the initial configuration dialog will commence. The first screen request your name, address and email address (and optionally your Amazon seller nickname). This information is required for the creation of packing slips and emails and the values you enter will be substituted in the templates supplied.





Clicking on the button will bring you to the next screen which will look like:


 The final screen appears and you should simply click on to continue.










At this point you are fully configured to use the Order Fulfillment functionality. Listing and Pricing has been configured to their defaults which should be reviewed.  At this point you should review one of :