Importing New Inventory


AMan Pro provides a Wizard to enable you to import new inventory from text files, Excel files or bulk scanners. Just about any file format can be used. The only requirement  is that the columns can be mapped to the columns required by AMan Pro. Common formats such as tab delimited (preferred), CSV or fixed length files may be imported. The Add New Inventory Wizard is accessed through the Inventory Management Menu->Inventory Wizards. Once started, simply follow the dialogs presented. Once imported, AMan Pro can then start pricing the new inventory based on your rules and upload to Amazon. Also, after the repricing you can decide which items you will list and which you will not.


Please note that this wizard should NOT be used to import your existing inventory on Amazon. To do that, please see Importing your existing Listings. The Add New Inventory Wizard is designed to import inventory that you do not have yet listed on Amazon (such as supplier files).