Customizing AMan Templates


AMan Pro comes with an easy to use Template editor. The built-in editor is very similar to a normal word processor. The main difference is that it is structured in two parts:

  1. Order Information section - This is the template that will be used when filling customer information about an order such s name, address, total price etc.

  2. Item Information section - Since an order may have one or more items, AMan allows you to define the format of one item and that will be used to format each item in the order. Each item will have its information such as comments and condition filled in separately. When creating a document or email from a template, AMan Pro will create one instance for each item and insert that into the Order Information section wherever the ~ItemInformation~ tag appears.


The Template Editor may be accessed using Tools->Template Editor->Amazon Templates and selecting the template you wish to change. Normal word processing function are available on the toolbar.