Configuring POP3/SMTP support


To specify that AMan Pro should use POP3/SMTP for email options, you should configure these settings in the Configure->Email Settings->POP3/SMTP Options. AMan Pro has some common POP3 providers already pre-configured. If you are using one of these providers, you should use the pre-configured options. If not, you will have to go to your provider to get the specific settings to use with there service. The configuration is very similar to the Outlook or Outlook Express configuration screens for email account configuration.


The top buttons may be used to configure for common email providers. Once clicked you will need to enter the values for your Account and Password. this is normally your sign on credentials for your email provider and typically will be the same as if checking email via the web. Once all the values have been entered, you should click on Test Connection to verify that the email setup has been configured correctly.


Please note that many providers provide free and paid accounts. if so, typically only paid accounts have access to SMTP, which is required for AMan to send emails. This is true for Yahoo and MSN Hotmail (



The options available are: