Checking the status of shipments with Delivery Confirmation (US Only)


If you use Delivery Confirmation with USPS shipments or if you enter the tracking number for any other shippers, AMan Pro allows you to quickly display the status of any order. There are two displays available. Both are available by right clicking on the order and selecting the option from the pop-up menu.


1) Display USPS Delivery Confirmation information for order

    This will go to the USPS web site and obtain the most current DC information for the order. A screen such as below will appear. You may the information to the clipboard for pasting later into emails.


2) Display tracking page for order (any shipper)

   Assuming that there is a tracking number and shipper in the order, AMan Pro will either go directly to the shipper tracking information web page for the associated tracking number or if it cannot recognize the shipper, Google the tracking number for you.


A third option is available for USPS shipments. Clicking on Order Fulfillment Menu->Customer Service will display an option to import the DC information into the AMan Pro database for all selected orders. The option is "Get USPS Tracking Info for selected orders". This is useful if you use DC on all items and want to send follow-up emails (see Sending Follow-up emails) to customers soon after the item arrives. Using this function, the AMan Database will have the status of the order.