Automatic Repricing


To maintain competitive prices on your inventory, AMan Pro provides an automatic, regular repricing function. Once you have configured your pricing rules, you can use automatic repricing to constantly check your prices and adjust if necessary. AMan Pro allows you to reprice from every 60 minutes up to any interval you wish. Before using this function you should make sure that you review MWS Pricing Rules. Once you are happy with your pricing options, you may turn on automatic pricing using one of two methods described below.


Automatic Repricing should NOT be started unless you have verified that the pricing rules configured in AMan match you business requirements for repricing. This may be done by first going through the pricing calculation process (see Pricing Quick Start ) which will display the prices calculated without uploading the values to Amazon.


Starting Automatic Repricing:


Both of these actions will cause AMan Pro to reprice automatically and upload the prices of any items that changed. When not repricing, AMan Pro may be used for other tasks. If you stop the automatic repricing while it is active, you will have to restart it using one of the methods above.


Please Note: Repricing runs on your PC. Therefore AMan Pro must be running to have Automatic Repricing run. This means that your PC needs to be powered up and connected to the internet  during the times you wish it to run. If your PC is configured to Sleep/Suspend/Hibernate, this will also prevent AMan Pro from repricing when in that state. Also, each time you restart AMan you will need to restart Automatic Repricing.


To configure AMan Pro to automatically reprice your inventory, please see Scheduled Tasks . Please note that you should NOT use automatic repricing until you are satisfied with your pricing rules. See Pricing Quick Start for details.