Thank you for subscribing!

Now that you have subscribed, you have one small task left to activate the subscription.

PLEASE NOTE: If you change your funding source on PayPal, your AMan subscription will get automatically cancelled by PayPal. While AMan will run to the end of the subscription period, it will not automatically renew. If you need to change the funding source for the subscription, first add the new credit card or bank account to your PayPal account and then change the funding source using the subscription record in PayPal. You may then delete the old funding source if you wish. Please Contact Support if you need help with this procedure.

 In order to make AMan Pro aware of the subscription, please follow these steps:

  1. Start AMan Pro.
  2. If you have left the product trial expire, please click on Run Trial then click on Exit on the Run Trial dialog. AMan will then prompt you for your subscription details.
    Click on Configure->General Settings->Licensing
  3. Click on 'Register Subscription'
  4. The Add New Subscription dialog will appear
  5. Please enter the PayPal account used for the subscription and the Amazon account associated with the subscription and click on 'Register New Subscription'
  6. AMan will then verify your Amazon account and password to ensure it has been entered correctly.
  7. Once verified, AMan will obtain all payments made for that subscription  combination (PayPal and Amazon accounts)
  8. If payments are located, AMan will then register the subscription.
  9. To have all the subscription options take affect, you should restart AMan Pro.
  10. If you are not being prompted, please enter the code AMan6 and your Amazon email as the Key in the bottom of the registration screen and click on Enter Code. Please note that the code is case sensitive and should be entered exactly without spaces.

If an AMan message appears stating that no payments have been found, please ignore the Restart message and then do the following:

  • Click on 'Clear Subscriptions Table' and click on OK for the two warning messages that appear
  • Repeat the Register Subscription as per step 3. above making sure that you are typing in your correct PayPal account email address
  • If you still continue to get the 'No Payment Found' message, please contact SpaceWare Customer Support.

Note: If you have left the AMan Pro trial expire before subscribing, the Add New Subscription dialog will appear at startup.

If you are unable to add your subscription for any reason, please contact SpaceWare Customer Support.

In the Support page, you may manage and view your subscription using the PayPal web site. Also, within AMan Pro, you may review your payments using Configure->Licensing and under the Help Menu.