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I've been selling online for six years and I use AMan Pro for managing my inventory and sales on Amazon. To give you an idea of my volume, I have about 12,000 feedbacks for the past 365 days. AMan Pro gives me the ability to easily manage my inventory (including exporting and importing data), reprice my inventory, download order fulfillment reports (no more lost emails/sales), quickly find listings or orders, automatically email customers on shipment, functions too numerous to mention. The program is very stable and has seldom given me trouble or crashed. And it plays well with other programs. If I ever do have a problem, or need to find out about a function, Kevin answers right away. I don't think I've ever had to wait more than an hour for a response from him. He's also been very responsive to upgrades and wishes. It's a top program by a top programmer. 

Joanne's Bookshop (US)

"Try the rest and then choose the best! No really. Having used a couple of the other larger tools on the market, we came to AMan and breathed a sigh of relief.

SpaceWare's AMan is by far the best value for money. It will help you sell more and sell more efficiently but will not demand a portion of your increased income like some of the others. It probably has the best CRM functionality we have come across in any Amazon Selling Tool on the market at present. Its features are extensive and useful. The pricing is flexible and works well. Support is second to none and incurs no additional support fee.

Overall AMan has taken into account, every aspect of selling on Amazon, not just listing, pricing and selling. It offers useful statistical data about your past sales and current inventory. It is easy to use and very stable.

We have tried several most expensive installations to do the same job and they have ended up costing us losses in our turnover due to instability or irregular/incorrect pricing etc. AMan has been the only product which actually does its job and does it well. "

Yella-Umbrella (UK)


AMan has been a blessing. Your software has increased my sales and my inventory turnover by an immediate 27% the very same month I used it. And that was just the first month! I don’t know if you know how incredible this is.

In all my years in this business and others, I have never (NEVER) met a more honest, diligent, decent and hardworking programmer/developer as you.

Alina Ghazarian - Amazon bookseller (US)


AMan has enabled me to process 10 times the number of orders in the same time as I used to process one.
I have increased my listings by a factor of 10.
I have increased my sales by the same amount!
I just hope my competitors never find this.

DiscountsRUs (UK)

Please feel free to tell the world how much we appreciate you and AMan. Our business has been completely revolutionized since we began using AMan. It's extremely easy to use, very adaptable to any business model, and your technical support is always outstanding.

Epilogue Books (US)

I think AMan software is really great.  I’m constantly impressed with the ease of usability.  It has increased my sales greatly.  Technical Support is excellent.  Although I have less than 800 listing on Amazon, AMan saves me time when processing my orders.  I absolutely love the pricing advantage, AMan allows you to price your inventory hourly or when ever you want.  If you want to save time, decrease mistakes, process all your orders from one location, try AMan 21 day free trial.

Glenda (US)

Using AMan Pro’s auto-repricing I have seen a 30-40% increase in daily orders.   And with the ability to control how it does the re-pricing I don’t have to worry about pricing wars or selling items at to low of a price.

AMan Pro easily handles my 10,000+ book inventory.   Listing books is simple.   Order fulfillment a breeze and works seamlessly with our postage printing program.

Charles Auction Bullet  (US)

AMan pro is an amazing product, it has automated the Amazon process as far as you could possibly want, not only saving you time but allowing you to get more accomplished!! With so many amazing features and great customer service, who could ask for more from a single program!
Glen (US)

Thanks for the outstanding product. Finally, an affordable package for any size seller that will give you the power to compete on the next level.

AMan Pro is like having the best Amazon seller software’s in one fast package. Using AMan Pro I save much more time then ever before, allowing me to increase volume and still offer better customer service. I have steadily watched my Amazon Feedback rating increase and increase since I have been using this product.

There are so many great well thought out features. SpaceWare has really, really done their homework! The best technical support that I have ever experienced.

After using AMan Pro for several months now, I could never exist without it. AMan Pro is everything that I want in an Amazon seller software. Powerful and robust. I almost don’t want my Amazon competition to find out about this product. Worth 5 times the cost.

Kevin I could go on all day, this is all true. You rock, thanks.

Dave Lehwalder - Once you know .. .AMan Pro! (US)


AMan is an amazingly user-friendly product that has saved me 100's of hours and expedited my Amazon transactions!    More importantly, the support offered by SpaceWare is unsurpassed!

Fiddle-Dee-Dee (US)


Lori and I think you do a great job.  Your programs works BETTER than others we have tried. More importantly, your customer service is impeccable.  When we email with you with a problem or question, you always respond with a solution the same day.  You obviously have a sense of pride in what you do and we look forward to doing business with you far into the future.  We appreciate your hard work.
Lori and Richard  (US)


I began selling on eBay in 1997 and quickly became a full time seller.  Until recently I had the 2nd highest feedback rating on the site.  Several years ago a gentleman contacted me to see if I would be interested in a new Marketplace called  He explained how the site worked – the ease of listing and no worries of bad checks, collecting payments and many other features that I would normally spend a lot of time handling on eBay. 

I began selling on and like everyone else was doing most of the work manually.  Listing, printing out the invoices from the email once an item sold, pricing my items and re-pricing them as needed.

Then, along came Kevin O’Brien and a program called AMan.  The program instantly caught my attention even in its humble beginning.  Kevin explained to me that this tool would allow my Amazon Sold Item email to be automatically transformed into an invoice complete with all the pertinent information.  In addition, automated emails to the buyer letting them know I have received their payment, stating that I was shipping the item and requesting positive feedback was just the tool I needed to shorten my daily work load which was quite overwhelming at times.

Shortly after the program was launched new features were added making it the most powerful program on the planet to assist Amazon sellers.  I could go on and on about the features AMan offers – it does everything!  My one time 4 or 5 hour a day job on Amazon has been cut to literally minutes!  AMan had basically made it easier (much easier) to sell on Amazon and frankly I cut back my eBay business because of this tool. 

Here are my favorite features –

1. Quick List - If you sell Movies, Books or Music this is a must.  You can assign all the pre-sets such as price, the condition and comment field.  Once you have done that you use a barcode scanner and just scan away.  Alternately if you have a database of your items it can be uploaded, priced to your specification and listed automatically. 
2. Re-Pricing Tool - Keeping your price the lowest possible gets you the highest position on Amazon.  The re-pricing tool can be set with a boat load of parameters.  You can re-price to match the current lowest price on Amazon or you can set it at a price based on your cost which is a sure safeguard against loss of profits. 
3. Invoices and Email – Imagine arriving at work and clicking a single button that prints all of your invoices/packing slips for the days sales, sending customized email to your buyers letting them know the order was received and the item is on its way, setting an automated follow-up email to request buyers feedback, etc.  How much time does this save? 

In addition to my most used features there are many other options:  AMan stores all of your prior sales for quick reference.  And, any function that you normally do thru Amazon can all be done in one place!  AMan is also integrated with Dazzle postage and can print shipping labels and the appropriate postage all at the same time!

Mike Lazar -      TBC Video on Amazon -  Papier11 & Fastpurchase on eBay (US)


I am a very satisfied, very impressed user of AMan. I sell consumer electronics ,software, computers and computer hardware. The program has saved me innumerable hours of work and has made order fulfillment an absolute breeze for us. You can do everything from within the program-receive your orders, print packing slips (which you can even customize to display your personal branding), print postage, and have the program AUTOMATICALLY send order confirmation and follow up emails. It also has a full array array of listing and re-pricing tools that will allow you to automate listing mgmt and re-pricing. It does a lot more than this - way too much to go into here. I would be happy to spend time with you on the phone and go into more detail if you like. My name is Patrick Sutton and I own SoftSales. You can reach me in the office at 773-XXX-XXXX. Please feel free to call me anytime.

One final note - Kevin O'Brien is the developer and he is very quick to help with any problems you may encounter, and let's face it - no matter how good a program is, there are going to be problems- that's just life in cyberspace. Kevin is very proactive and has resolved every problem we have run into very quickly and very professionally.

In case it isn't obvious, I really am sold on both the program and the developer. I personally think it's the best thing that has happened to Amazon sellers since Amazon reduced their commission fees for electronics !!

Patrick Sutton - Owner, SoftSales

I have been using AMan for the last 3 years and I can't live without it and with the new version my work has been cut down 50% and I'm just smiles.
Andres Dominicci - MegaMedia Xchange/Rent-a-Video (UK)
Having tried out other software, I chose AMan in place of others due to:
  • Automates most steps in order fulfillment, from printing packing slips, labels to generating reports all with a click on a button.
  • Great customer support to ensure user I get the most out of this very powerful software (is like having a IT team !)
  • Widely customisable to fit all my usage
  • Extremely stable platform and all queries/bugs (if ANY!) are resolved in the most efficient and professional manner.
  • To sum, AMan allows me to save many hours a day, automate mundane procedure sand allow me to focus purely on increasing sales. Since I first used AMan, I have evidenced a 30-50%  growth monthly . It has allowed me to  maintain my company as the leading Amazon UK Marketplace seller.

Purely Gadgets (UK)

Boxes of books ~$20.00
AMan Pro ~$50.00 a month

Hours saved listing and fulfilling orders because I use AMan Pro ~ PRICELESS!

 MomsTheBoss (US)

As CEO of one of the largest and most successful internet vendors of media and electronic products , I can speak with confidence when I give my endorsement for AMan Pro.  As a result of this software, my Amazon business has become the most profitable of any of my on line sales venues.  The bulk listing feature allows me to list several thousand unique items in just a couple hours whether listing on either my or accounts.  The repricing feature that easily allows me to put in my own set of criteria generates a much higher than normal conversion rate.  The post sale features are what allows me to pack over 200 orders per hour.  When I think about the 14-18 hour days I spent selling on eBay and compare it to 2-3 hour days I spend now selling on, I only regret that I did become acquainted with Kevin O’Brien and AMan Pro sooner. 

Global Media - (US & UK)


All of the above testimonials below are from real customers of AMan. All are real sellers on Amazon (US and UK). The testimonials are exactly as written by the customer, with only slight formatting changes made.


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