Note: Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are no longer supported.

Important: Due to upcoming changes to SSL/TLS, Windows Vista will no longer be supported after May 31st, 2016. This is because the level of TLS required industry-wide will not be supported on this version of Windows.

Thank you for trialing AMan Pro. The trial period is for 21 days and during that period the product is fully functioning. At the end of that period you may subscribe to continue using the product (your data will be retained) or uninstall the product.

Pressing the Download button below will start the download of AMan Pro. You may select either Run or Save and then Open to install the product.
If you wish to uninstall the product, please use Windows Control Panel or the Uninstall option in the SpaceWare programs menu.

To use AMan Pro you must be an Amazon Pro Merchant seller.

Please provide the following optional contact information so that we may serve you better during the trial. By providing your contact details, we will be able to contact you if there are any issues with the product or Amazon availability.
We respect your privacy. All information will be kept confidential and will NEVER be shared with or sold to other companies or entities. This information is NEVER used to send SPAM. You will receive one follow up email regarding the trial if you supply your email address.


I accept the terms in the End User License Agreement (Click to view or print)

To enable us to better assist you throughout the trial, please answer the following optional questions:

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What version of Windows are you running:

Important note for Windows 7 users
If you are using Windows 7, it is VERY important that you turn User Access Control (UAC) off (and leave it off) BEFORE installing AMan Pro. To turn UAC off:

  • In Windows go to Control Panel->User Accounts->Change User Account Settings.
  • Set slider to lowest level of "Don't Notify".
  • Reboot even if not prompted (you will get a warning from Windows about this when you restart– please ignore this at ALL times)
  • It is VERY important that you continue to leave UAC off

The trial version is fully functional. Any data entered or collected into the product during the trial period will be retained for use on your PC when you subscribe.

The program, setup.exe, should be saved to a directory on your system or run from the web. Upon execution of setup.exe, the install program will run which will download all other necessary files. If you have any difficulties executing setup or have any issues running AMan Pro, please email support for further assistance.

Once again, thank you for trying our software. We hope you will find this program useful. We are very interested in hearing about your experiences using AMan Pro. Any suggestions, comments or bug reports should be sent to support.