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SpaceWare AMan Pro now has Purchasing Application (full details may be found here)

Stafford, TX – October 12th, 2006 - SpaceWare, Inc ( announced today that AMan Pro, SpaceWare’s listing, pricing and order fulfillment management system for Amazon Marketplace sellers, now includes a Purchasing Application.

 Very often items are sold on Amazon by inexperienced sellers at prices well below market prices. This has the effect of lowering prices for other sellers. With the AMan Pro Purchasing Application, users of the product may quickly purchase those items. This provides two benefits: 1) the user is able to purchase an item at a reduced price and resell it at a profit and 2) the users own inventory may be listed at a sensible price.

 AMan Pro, as part of it pricing process for a seller’s inventory, can flag items that are being sold at reduced prices. The criteria for flagging items can be configured in the product and may be displayed in a variety of ways. Once the items have been identified, they may be purchased immediately or be saved for later purchase. The process of purchasing consists of just a few mouse clicks.

 “Because of the power of the pricing engine in AMan Pro, users of the product can quickly identify items being sold on Amazon that can be purchased for a profit,” said Kevin O’Brien, CEO of SpaceWare. “Many people sell on Amazon and price their items wrongly. Users of this new feature in AMan Pro can now take advantage of this to locate and buy items at vastly reduced prices. This adds another tool to an Amazon seller’s arsenal that will increase their bottom line. In essence, your competition becomes another inventory source!”

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