An eSeller Software Company

SpaceWare, Inc. was formed in 2002 for the purpose of creating software tools for eSellers. Our  founder, Kevin O'Brien, brings over 25 years of experience in providing software applications and customer support to both small and large companies. With positions ranging from support technician, developer, product author to Vice President of Technical Operations at a public company, Kevin has extensive real world,  first-hand experience in providing the right tools for the job and backing them up with responsive customer service.


Our Mission

We understand that Internet selling is a 24x7 job. We understand that too much time is spent in mechanical tasks that take time away from generating revenues and profits. We understand that too often software is sold with much hype and not much substance.

We promise to listen to our customers input. We promise to produce software that has been thoroughly tested. We promise to respond as quickly as possible to all communications. We promise to work on issues until they are resolved to your satisfaction. We promise to provide software that does what we say it will.

And do we keep our promises? Always! Just ask our customers.

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