UK Only: Tasks to perform on August 1st

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On August 1st, BMVD (Books, Music/CDs, DVDs and Video) sellers in the UK will be able to have the postage that is charged to buyers determined by the shipping template assigned to the item sold. Because of this, it is VERY important that inventory items are assigned to the correct shipping template. If the shipping templates are incorrect, you will be pricing your items too high (and losing sales) or too low (and losing money).

To ensure that your shipping templates configuration on Amazon is correct, please do the following:

  1. If you have not migrated to using shipping templates, you should do so ASAP. Please see Amazon Shipping Templates Overview for our recommend procedure.

  2. Verify that the postage being charged in each shipping template in Seller Central is correct. Your shipping templates may be viewed in Seller Central using Settings->Shipping Settings.

  3. You can see what shipping template is assigned to what item in Seller Central->Manage Inventory.

  4. You can see what shipping template is assigned to what item in AMan by displaying Active Listings and locating the column called 'ShipTemplate'.

  5. Please review the links at the top of this page to review the procedure to change the shipping templates in bulk.

  6. If you use AMan for pricing, you should run a pricing session manually Inventory Management->Price Active and upload using Amazon Upload->Upload Prices Only.