Converting your Inventory to offer Free Shipping

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The instructions below are the recommended procedure to convert your inventory on Amazon to offer free shipping. These instructions assume that you have already migrated to using Shipping Templates.

  1. Put your account on vacation. We would recommend that this be done during a quiet sales time. Wait for at least an hour (to allow the vacation to kick in).
  2. This will need to be done in Seller Central:

    Change your current shipping template(s) to offer free standard or free economy shipping. This is the recommended method.

    Alternatively, create a new shipping template with zero shipping for standard or Free Economy. If you are just going to use one shipping template, make it the default on Seller Central.

    Wait for 30 minutes until the new/changed shipping templates take effect.
  3. Turn off automatic repricing.
  4. In AMan change the default shipping costs that AMan uses when first listing (or when shipping costs cannot be obtained) to zero for all categories. This is done in Configure->MWS and Pricing Settings->Default Shipping Costs.
  5. Run Price Active. Once complete, verify that the MyShipping column in Pending Uploads contains zeroes for all items. if not, wait for 30 minutes and repeat this step
  6. Select All Rows and Upload Prices Only. This will cause AMan to price your inventory based on a zero shipping rate for your inventory.
  7. You can take your account off vacation once the upload has completed.
  8. If you created a new shipping template in the step above, you will need to change the shipping templates for all of your inventory:
    1. Click on Prepare Active for Pricing.
    2. Select the items in Pending Uploads.
    3. Right click on the Pending Uploads grid.
    4. Select Change Shipping Options->Change Shipping Template for Selected.
    5. Type the zero shipping template name. Make sure that you get the name correct or the upload will fail.
    6. Select the items in Pending Uploads.
    7. Click on Upload to Amazon->Upload Shipping Methods + Prices. Allow it complete and use View to make sure that it worked.
  9. If you created a new shipping template and list with AMan, change the default shipping template in List an Item by:
    1. Click on List an Item.
    2. Change the shipping template field by selecting it from the pull down list.
    3. Click on Set as Default.
    4. If you have named settings, you will need to also change those by using Load Setting, change the shipping template and then clicking on Save Setting.
  10. If you use AMan on more than one PC, make sure that your generate and import an open listings report on each copy of AMan using Amazon Reports->Generate Open Listings Report. Allow an hour or two before doing this as open listings reports have been slow to sync at Amazon lately. Once done, make sure that the ShipTemplate field in AMan Active Listings has been filled in. If not retry in a few more hours.
  11. If you use AMan to list on more than one PC, you will also need to perform steps 2 (and 7,8 if appropriate) on each PC before listing.
  12. If you use AMan Min/Max prices or cost based pricing, you should adjust these upwards to compensate for the higher price you will need to charge. One way to do this in bulk is:
    1. Prepare Active for Pricing.
    2. Select All Rows.
    3. Right click on the grid and select Change Selected Pending Upload Values->Adjust (MinPrice|MaxPrice|Cost) for Selected. This will allow you to adjust the min/max/cost prices by an amount or percentage.
    4. Once complete, upload using Upload to Amazon->Upload Prices Only.
  13. You should verify on Seller Central->Manage Inventory that your items are appearing with zero shipping.
  14. Automatic Repricing can now be restarted.
  15. For US DAZzle users: If you use Free Economy in your shipping templates, you will also need to set up the default for Free Economy in AMan Postage Settings. This may be done by clicking on Configure->Postage Settings->Postage Defaults and click on the Free Economy tab to set up your defaults