AMan will be shutting down on July 31st, 2022

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Today I am announcing that AMan will no longer be available after July 31st, 2022. This has not been an easy decision for me. And I understand it is a decision that will be very disruptive for AMan users. For that I am sorry.


The reason for this decision is not based on health or any other personal issues. Rather it is because over the last few years, Amazon has made it increasingly more difficult for a small company like SpaceWare to provide the services and support that our customers are accustomed to. Amazon is now requiring very significant changes to AMan (and all Amazon seller software) by July 31st, 2022. I do not believe that these changes could be implemented without major, disruptive changes to AMan. Hence my decision.


So what happens next? All AMan users will need to be migrated to a new platform by July 31st, 2022 as AMan will stop functioning then. I will provide any support needed by you to migrate as easily as possible. I highly recommend considering SellerEngine Plus as the platform to migrate to (see more below about that). So that users are not charged for AMan after July 31st, all AMan subscriptions will be cancelled by July 1st. Use of AMan will continue until July 31st regardless of the cancellation.


Of course, if you wish to cancel prior to July 1st, please visit this link for instructions.  All users with yearly subscriptions will get a prorated refund of the remaining amount on the subscription. To obtain this refund please contact support  when your subscription has been cancelled and you no longer are using AMan. For users with yearly subscriptions renewing before July 1st, 2022, I recommend that you change to a monthly subscription. This will avoid paying the $499 subscription fee up front and then waiting for a prorated refund after July 1st. To change to a monthly subscription, please visit this link.


Regarding migration to a new platform, I highly recommend considering SellerEngine Plus. I have known the owner, Ioan, since the early 2000’s. SellerEngine has very similar functionality to AMan and has an excellent reputation both for features and for support. However, it also has a more sophisticated pricing mechanism and includes full FBA functionality. And the cost is the same as AMan at $49.99 per month.


Over the last few weeks I have been working with Ioan and his team to ensure a smooth and quick migration. AMan has implemented an export for your inventory which can be used to very quickly import your inventory data (MinPrice, MaxPrice, Cost, Tag and Location) into SellerEngine. Ioan has committed to providing a team dedicated to helping migrating AMan users. One hour walkthrough sessions can be scheduled to help you get up to speed quickly. And to all migrating AMan users, in addition to a 30 day free trial, they are offering a free subscription to Profit Bandit, their scouting app for phones. I will also be assisting by answering any questions that I can on the migration to SellerEngine. Full details on this offer from SellerEngine are available at .


One thing that SellerEngine does not provide is printing of postage. For those using AMan's integration with Endicia DAZzle, some workarounds for this would be to use Amazon postage on Seller Central or import orders directly into Endicia DAZzle. But if this (or other reasons) cause you to look for some other platform to migrate to, I recommend looking at the Amazon Seller Central App Store. The link for the US App Store is and the UK App Store is . I will be happy to try to answer any questions on platforms you may be considering. But please bear in mind that I am not familiar with the majority of them.


In the next few days I will be putting out a version of AMan that a) has the SellerEngine export function and b) will allow the use of AMan from July 1st to July 31st without a subscription. This will be a normal upgrade.


I would like to add a big thank you to Lynn, who many of you have been lucky to work with. No exaggeration, without Lynn, AMan would not have lasted this long. Lynn left a few months ago and started her own Etsy store. I am sure she would love it if you took some time to visit it at .


Thank you to all of my loyal customers over the years. I have really enjoyed interacting with you all to provide Amazon services and support. I wish everyone every success in the future. I am very sad about this decision. But I feel it is the right one for AMan users and also for me. I will make every effort to make this change as painless as possible. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or issues.



Go Raibh Mile Maith Agat


Kevin (Caoimhín)