Introduction to AMan Pro


Welcome to AMan Pro. AMan Pro provides Order Fulfillment, Pricing and Listing management all in one desktop package. AMan Pro offers these facilities regardless of the items you are selling on Amazon - it is not restricted to a single category such as books. Using AMan Pro, there is rarely a need to visit your account on the Amazon web site. Our intention is that this tool will prove useful to you in your selling endeavours on Amazon and allow you to increase your revenue while streamlining your business process. If we can be of help at any time, please contact us.


Order Fulfillment

Orders may be manually imported from an Order Fulfillment report (generated and downloaded using facilities within AMan Pro) or imported from a scheduled Order Fulfillment report. Using the Order Fulfillment functionality, you can create shipping labels, picklists, packing slips, order confirmation emails, and follow-up emails. Using the powerful Template Editor supplied with AMan Pro, picklists, packing slips and emails may be customized to your business. Additionally, AMan Pro provides the ability to issue a batch of refunds simply by selecting the appropriate orders.


If you are a user of Endicia DAZzle, AMan Pro allows you to print internet postage (including international and customs forms) by simply selecting the orders. Default postage classes may be configured based on the weight of the item and the shipping method requested by the customer. The weight of orders may be typed in or, using a PC Scales, automatically read by AMan Pro. Also, AMan Pro allows weighing of items (or obtaining the weight from Amazon) during the listing process. Once an order arrives for pre-weighed items, AMan Pro accumulates the weight of the entire order automatically for you. For more information see the Order Fulfillment Quick Start.


AMan Pro fully supports Amazon Charge When Ship (CWS) functionality. AMan Pro enables you to reconcile your orders in AMan with the orders on Amazon that have not yet had the shipments confirmed. Order shipments may be confirmed in bulk.


Pricing Management

AMan Pro provides a comprehensive set of rules that allow you to map your pricing strategy. Whether you price at the lowest price or determine your price based on other criteria, it is likely that AMan Pro will have a rule. If the built-in rules are not sufficient for your business model, scripts may be written in VB Script to supplement the rules. Pricing with AMan Pro can be as simple as clicking on a button to price all active items in your inventory or you can select categories of items to price in batch.  To protect your investment in your inventory, you can specify a return on your items based on your cost. Additionally minimum and maximum prices may be set on a per item basis and globally for all items. AMan Pro  provides a safeguard feature (Price Watch) to prevent your price going too low or high due to unsophisticated or malicious sellers. Sellers that you do not wish to compete against may be excluded from the pricing process. For further information see the Pricing Quick Start. For pricing rules configuration, see MWS Pricing Rules .


Listing Management

Listing items with AMan Pro may be done either singly or in batches. Items may be entered by typing or scanning UPC/EAN barcodes, typing ISBNs/ASINs  or importing inventory lists. AMan Pro supports most scanners . If a scanner scans into Notepad, MS Word or any text editor, it will work with AMan Pro with no configuration required.  During the entry of items, items may be weighed automatically at scan time.  Pricing of new items may be done at the time the UPC/EAN/ISBN/ASIN is entered or may be postponed until later to allow very quick entry of a batch of items. Pricing of items is done based on a sophisticated set of rules that may be easily configured for your pricing model. Additionally, for more complex pricing strategies, a script may be used to supplement the rules.  For more information see the Listing Quick Start.



Customer Communications

In addition to allowing creation of customized packing slips and shipment emails, AMan Pro allows you to create customized follow-up emails to solicit feedback, customized refund emails,  and  customized documents to allow you to send instructions with the order.



Because your data is important, AMan Pro provides backup functionality within the product. Additionally, settings may be saved at any time and also be moved to another PC if you happen to upgrade. If you wish to visit the Amazon web site, AMan has pre configured links to the most commonly used areas used by sellers. Rather than having to edit customized templates for emails and other documents, AMan Pro provides a WYSIWYG template editor. Anyone familiar with using MS Word or MS Outlook will be already familiar with the editor.



Recognizing that AMan Pro is a very powerful product, possessing sensitive data, we have built in many safeguards to prevent disclosure of your data and inadvertent actions. Some of these are: