Importing your existing Listings into AMan Pro


One of the first tasks to perform once you install AMan Pro is to import your existing listings. These are used both for order fulfillment and listing/pricing management.


Typically the process will take a few minutes to complete. However, if there are issues at Amazon or Amazon is being slow this can take an hour or longer to complete. If the report is taking a long time to complete, cancelling and reissuing the request is NOT recommended as this will further delay the generation of the report as the first report will need to complete before the 2nd report is generated.


While AMan does allow importing of old Open Listing Reports, this facility should NOT be used except under special circumstances. This is because importing old reports will cause AMan to not be synced up with your inventory on Amazon and could cause sold listings to be relisted (thereby causing you to have to issue refunds). A new report should normally always be generated.


An Open Listings Report may be generated and imported without visiting the Amazon web site by following these steps: