Import an Order Fulfillment Report


AMan Pro allows you to request and import Order Fulfillment reports. This may be performed manually or AMan may be configured to import orders on a schedule. It is recommended that you configure AMan to import on a schedule. Details on how to configure the schedule are available at Scheduled Tasks .


AMan allows you to generate and import order fulfillment reports ranging from 1 day to 60 days worth of orders. Since reports are generated using the exact time when requested (i.e. if a 2 day report is requested it will cover the period from the current time to exactly 48 hours prior to that), it is strongly recommended that a 2 day report be generated at a minimum and on days following a weekend or holiday a 4 day report should be generated.


Typically the process will take a few minutes to complete. However, if there are issues at Amazon or Amazon is being slow this can take an hour or longer to complete. If the report is taking a long time to complete, cancelling and reissuing the request is NOT recommended as this will further delay the generation of the report as the first report will need to complete before the 2nd report is generated.


The steps to generate and import and order fulfillment report are: