Configuring MWS


MWS (Marketplace Web Services) is a new data feed API from Amazon which will be required to be used at a future date (you may have received an email from Amazon regarding this). To use this API requires a seller to sign up for the service to obtain their credentials. AMan provides a Wizard to take sellers through the sign-up process and automatically configure AMan to use the new data feeds. The MWS sign-up procedure should only take a few minutes and will not impact your Amazon account. This change does not require a new version of AMan to be installed.


If you have previously signed up for MWS, signing up through AMan will not affect your previous sign-up and will not affect your Amazon account or other software using your credentials. However, you still must go through the procedure in AMan in order to allow AMan to configure your credentials.




To use the AMan Web Wizard to sign up for MWS, please use the following procedure:


  1. You may be prompted when AMan is starting up to configure MWS Options. If so you will get the following message which you should reply OK to:


  2. To access the Web Wizard dialog manually, click on Configure->MWS Settings->MWS Credentials

  3. The following dialog will appear:


  4. Click on "Use AMan Web Wizard to sign up for MWS"

  5. A message will appear that you should reply OK to:


  6. A browser page will be displayed where you will need to select an option and agree to the Amazon MWS license:

  7. Once your MWS credentials have been verified, the following will appear and the process is complete:

    : If the final test of credentials fails the first time you are using this procedure, you should shut down AMan and retry in a few minutes. The reason for this is that at times there is a delay at Amazon in registering credentials.


  8. The AMan MWS Options dialog should look something like:


  9. Click on Close or Save and Exit to exit the AMan MWS Options dialog.

  10. AMan will now use MWS for uploads and report generation. You may use your normal procedures to perform these functions.